Kylie Tan: #TRainforabetteryou

Meet Kylie, a member who trains to be a better version of herself

Though originally drawn to boxing, she fell in love with Muay Thai as she realised it had taught her values that went beyond just the fitness perspective.

“Muay Thai helped me to be a better version of myself as it trains both the mind and body, bringing forth your best form

Kylie took up the sport to bring her fitness journey to new heights and to achieve the best version of herself. More than that though, Muay Thai was a lifestyle choice for her as it trained her resilience, willpower, and mindset. As she pushed her limits, she felt herself getting stronger not just physically but mentally as well, and that’s when she knew Muay Thai brought out the best in her!

“I started to feel more confident. I wouldn’t have had the mindset that I have right now when I started 7 years ago”

Kylie too, started her journey at the very beginning. We all know that it’s never an easy feat to start from square one but as she pushed forward day by day without giving up, she continued training both her mind and body and it helped shape her into the strong and courageous woman we see her as today.

“Muay Thai allows me to achieve the best version of myself

Just as Kylie kept training to progress towards a better self, remember that the best version of yourself is a work in progress! The journey towards self-improvement is never finished, but you are always evolving to be better than you were before and that’s a win for sure! Remember that maintaining a positive mindset, feeling empowered by your own self-efficacy, and acknowledging success where it happens no matter how big or small, are all key factors in achieving the best version of yourself. It’s not an easy journey but the moment you know the reason behind what you #TRainfor like Kylie, you’ve already won half the battle.

So ask yourself what’s the reason? What do you #TRainfor? The moment you decide, The Ring Boxing Community will be there to embark on the journey with you.

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