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Simply give us a call below and you’ll be able to enroll your child in a FREE TRIAL for a boxing class at our Kim Yam facility, with multiple classes to choose from throughout the week!


Hand-eye Co-ordination Classes

Basics of Jabs, Crosses and Slips call for the unity of visual and motor skills, allowing for the hand to be guided by the visual stimulation the eyes receive faster and better. Resulting in better brain function and reaction times.

Opposition ‘Games’

 Shoulder taps, knee taps. TR Kids partner up and have fun games of shoulder taps/knee taps where they try to tap their partner’s shoulder/knee without getting tapped back! Who says boxing has to be boring!

Partner Drills & Padwork

Kids partner up and work on the techniques given by the coach, boosting teamwork and communication skills. Kids will be guided during 1 on 1 padwork with the coaches in a short time, boosting, discipline, hand-eye coordination and listening skills.

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Boxing For Kids

Available at Kim Yam Rd
For All Levels
When we say Boxing is for everyone, we meant it. Albeit its notoriety, Boxing is highly educational and beneficial for growth; instilling co-ordination, discipline, agility and confidence into every individual. Perfect for 8 to 14-year olds, The Ring promises educational and fun classes in our high energy gyms!

Muay Thai For Kids

Available at Kim Yam Rd
For All Levels
Muay Thai is a Sport that teaches discipline and focus through its fun and fulfilling technical combinations. Where each part of the Body is fully incorporated into the art of Muay Thai, the development of sense-coordination, speed and agility are catalysed in a kid. Ideal for 8 to 14-year olds.
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