An ultra-empowering, stress-reducing workout that helps you kick ass and improve cardiovascular strength. Learn more about the art of the sweet science and experience authentic boxing. This class is perfect for those who enjoy working out in a fast-paced concept and want a combination of a cardio and technical boxing class.


Muay Thai, also known as the art of the eight limbs, is a super-intense kickboxing, combat style sport that improves your balance, coordination and flexibility.

School of Boxing

Our School Of Boxing offering focuses on technical skills to understand more about the noble art and the sweet science of boxing. Level up on your technical boxing skills, with a focus on coordination, speed, accuracy and power in this class conducted by Professional coaches.

Fight Team

If you’re confident in taking your skills to the next level, our Fight Team training provides professional coaching and guidance needed for you to compete in the ring.

Sparring Class

Our Sparring Classes provide a safe and controlled environment for you to practice all that you’ve learnt in class. Level up your skills and experience the thrill of stepping into the ring in this session mediated by our Professional coaches.

TR Circuit

Our TR Circuit is a boot-camp style interval training that combines cross-fit, circuit training and metabolic conditioning. This class is designed to improve your cardiovascular strength, fitness and muscle endurance through a variety of boxing-inspired drills and pad work.


Our Femme Fatale class guarantees a whole-body knockout sweat session, tailored for ladies to improve stamina, coordination and strength. 


Each personal training session is tailored to achieve your own fitness goals while also improving your form, coordination and stamina.


A great way to build confidence and develop basic Muay Thai and Boxing skills for your little ones! It is always great for kids to start a new hobby, we promise fun and exciting challenges each class.