Ready To Rumble
For All Levels
Technical, motivational and fun, our Boxing Classes are specially curated for all levels. Its elements of Interval Training is bound to have you break a sweat; ensuring that you leave our Gyms a stronger person than you were when you first walked in. Empowered for the Champ in you, we trust that you’re ready for this.
Ready For 10
For All Levels
Uniting fitness combinations, technical work and fun with the punching bags, you’re in for the best 10-rounder of your life. Each round runs for 2 minutes, and is coupled with 30 seconds of body weight-related exercises and a 30-second rest. This bag-oriented interval is suitable for all levels of fitness!
Ready For Fun
For Kids Only
When we say Boxing is for everyone, we meant it. Albeit its notoriety, Boxing is highly educational and beneficial for growth; instilling co-ordination, discipline, agility and confidence into every individual. Perfect for 8 to 14-year olds, The Ring promises educational and fun classes in our high energy gyms!
Getting Ready
For All Levels

Want to start your Boxing journey, but don’t know where to start? Start with Getting Ready; a class curated specially for Beginners! You’ll be taught the fundamentals of Boxing with careful guidance and steps. Take several of these sessions before you’re Ready to Rumble!

Sparring Class

Our Sparring Classes provide a safe and controlled environment for you to put all that you’ve learnt into the ring. Take advantage of this opportunity to level up your skills and experiences through the thrill of unexpected combinations; all mediated by our Professional Coaches.

All Ladies Class

For Women, by Women, Femme Fatale promises a whole-body, knockout sweat session especially tailored for the fairer sex. Guaranteed to have you feeling the burn with each exercise and punch, we empower Women to feed into their deepest potential and power. Punch like a Woman, not a girl.

School of Boxing

Our School of Boxing is a Masterclass for the Sport. Whilst it also focuses on the technicalities, School of Boxing dives deeper into the noble art and sweet science or the sport. Its classes tunnel stronger into co-ordination, speed, accuracy, transfer and use of power as well as sick bonus lessons.

Fight Team

How far can you go? Well, take it to the next level. Our Fight Team training provides professional coaching and guidance needed for you to compete in the ring. Rumble & strike with the big boys and learn a thing or two as you move along.


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