Jared Hoon: #TRainforPerfection

For Jared, to train for perfection means to set a goal in his mind and strive towards it with dedication until he achieves excellence.

In the past 1.5 years, he has seen tremendous progress as he continues to set loftier goals for himself. From starting out at 85 kg with low fitness levels to his current strength as a Coach, Jared truly demonstrates his mettle.

“To me, training for perfection means to train with a purpose, with a goal in mind. The pursuit of perfection in one’s craft”

However, weight loss was never Jared’s main goal. Jared has always wanted to fight and compete in boxing. Keeping his eyes on the prize, he never failed to keep going even when training was tough for him. After all, Jared believes that training for perfection does not mean achieving perfection in your movements. It’s about the act of striving towards that version of yourself.


“I wanted to fight and compete. Losing weight is just an added benefit”


As a coach at The Ring, Jared feels that his mission is to influence people’s lives positively by helping them achieve better physical and mental health. Training provides a great platform for every individual to go beyond their current capabilities and to reach greater heights.



“Being a coach means affecting people’s lives in a
positive way – whether it’s physical fitness or emotional and mental health”

By encouraging them and training them in the appropriate techniques, Jared hopes that each boxer will catch the same fire to #TRainforPerfection, and see themselves transformed as a result.


Sushrut Jindel: #TRainforTheWeekend

A brand design account manager by day and a boxer by night, meet Sushrut who trains for the weekend!

To Sushrut, boxing is a form of meditation. It turned out to be his way of escape from the stress and demands of everyday life. As a matter of fact, rather than shying away from the challenges of boxing, he is drawn to them.

“I like that it’s so demanding, that it consumes you. I like that kind of dedication, that kind of passion… boxing demands it.”

Giving his 110% in every boxing session tunes him out from the dreaded boredom and stresses of daily life. At that moment, boxing is all that matters. Furthermore, training hard every day keeps Sushrut in great shape and in a relaxed mental state for the weekend.

“I meet people who matter most to me over the weekend and I want to be in the best headspace so I can give them my all.”


By putting in the hours every weekday no matter how laborious it may be, Sushrut finds that he’s better able to spend quality time with his loved ones during his cherished weekends. In fact, if he could give advice to his younger self, it would be to start earlier on his boxing journey.



“You’re gonna love the fitness aspect of it, but what you’re gonna love more are the friends you’ll make and just how warm and humble the community is!”

For anyone who wants to join The Ring, Sushrut’s advice is to keep an open mind, trust the coaches and be curious about the community. Patience is key. Keep training and let your body develop its rhythm – the power will come later!

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