Queenie – LEVEL UP

Queenie never imagined that she would be fighting today.

As an employee in the finance industry at a custodian bank, Queenie had originally seen the sport simply as a means to train her body. And indeed, she reaped the rewards. 

“It definitely helps maintain my physique. I’m stronger than before.”

Close to 3 years into the sport, Queenie decided to take the next step and sign up for her first fight despite the fact that fighting didn’t come naturally to her.

“I pull back my punches during sparring,” she admits. “Once, Coach Syakir made me punch his face without blocking and I cried.”

However, determined to go further in her training and find a sense of fulfilment in fighting, Queenie decided to forge ahead. It helped that her partner was obsessed with the sport, and encouraged her along the way.

It wasn’t easy, though. Queenie felt her nerves even as she was stepping into the ring. During the fight, she found herself counting the number of punches she and her opponent had thrown, and worrying about all the people she would be letting down if she lost. 

“Now I realise that’s not how it works… (I need to) want it for myself more than anything else.”

Queenie reflected that she lost the fight but gained knowledge in return. Her first fight was a valuable and much needed experience. Now, Queenie plans to level up for her next fight. “Train to fight, punch to hurt,” is her new mantra. And she’s ready to give her all.

“I think boxing is a very humbling sport. Someone said the ring is fair and that whatever I put in training and whatever is in my headspace will reflect… I’ve learnt to respect the sport, if I’m going to fight then I should do what it takes.”

Queenie isn’t sure if she’ll keep fighting in the long run, but for now, she’s got her eyes fixed on the next fight. “I’ll train again and put up a good fight, delivering what I’ve learnt with no regrets,” she declares.

Sure enough, Queenie rose up to the challenge a second time and entered our fight team for The Ring Fighting Championship “ELITE AMATEUR SERIES 5”. She trained almost every single day leading up to her fight, stepped out of her usual timidness to enter the ring, and ultimately emerged victorious!

We’re proud of how far Queenie has come in her journey, transitioning from a boxer to a fighter. Stay fierce and keep levelling up!


In late 2021, Fads took a leap of faith and transitioned to full-time coaching. His only regret is that he didn’t do it sooner.

Fads joined The Ring as a member for 2 and a half years before joining as a part-time coach and then eventually becoming a full-time coach. If you want to level up your boxing prowess this year with The Ring, you’re in good company because Fads is looking to up his A-game in boxing in 2022!

“Take the leap, whether it is something in your personal, work life, or relationships… Being scared means it matters to you. Just do it now because you will never know when is the right time.”

Fads has always known that he’s happiest when helping others to solve problems. Driven by his mission, Fads aims to learn more fitness techniques and exercises to cater his training to the needs of different students this year.

“I really enjoy helping people… Seeing them everyday and being a part of their journey is something I find very rewarding as a coach in The Ring Boxing Community.”

Fads is also looking to level up his own boxing with training and guidance from his coaches. Boxing has benefitted Fads in many ways. Being physically fit – and the disciplined training he goes through to get there – has made him more confident as a person. 

“I feel a lot more capable of handling any situation. Having that confidence to walk around standing tall with my head held high for myself.”

This newfound confidence has also allowed him to put himself out there socially. Simply talking to people was something that he used to struggle with but now he’s more than happy to jump into any conversation knowing that it’s not always about being excellent at something but giving yourself some space to fail gracefully.

We’re inspired by Fads’ heart for others and can’t wait to see how he continues to #LevelUp in boxing and his personal life! The Ring community is always there to strive with him – and with you!

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