Boxing For Your Body, Mind & Soul

Boxing is not a gruesome fight sport. It has evolved over the years to become a preferred workout option for many! It is a wholesome workout that is fantastic for your physical and mental wellbeing. Read more to find out why boxing, or fitness in general, is great for your body, mind and soul.


Singapore has seen a fitness boom in the recent years, with many people becoming increasingly health conscious. With fitness studios popping up at every corner, you’re spoilt for choice with the different fitness offerings.

Boxing has progressively become a popular option for working out, and there are many great reasons why. Boxing is a workout that uses every part of your body, from your arms, to your core and even your legs. You not only strengthen and build muscles, but it is also great for toning. All in all, it is a sport that provides one of the most effective full-body workouts, including improving cardiovascular strength and agility.


Constantly find yourself feeling stressed at work or personal life? Boxing provides a healthy outlet for stress relief. It is a time where you can set aside all your problems and focus entirely on the exercise routine.

Boxing also releases endorphins, your body’s own “happy” drug. They are chemicals produced naturally that help to relieve stress or pain, as well as boost happiness! Waking up early and attending a morning boxing class can actually give you the extra energy to power through the day. There have also been many studies showing how a sport like boxing can be an ideal form of exercise as it lowers levels of stress, anxiety and depression through the rush of endorphins experienced after each session.

In addition, boxing allows you to gain tremendous mental strength as you are forced to be present in the moment. It is as much a mental sport as it is a physical one, with you learning to anticipate the moves of your opponent, testing your concentration and reaction speed. These values can also have a positive influence on your life outside the gym, which is why boxing is great for a better mind.


Working out is sometimes great for self-discovery. Many people learn qualities about themselves they never knew before through fitness. Learning a martial art is also a form of self-defence, great for empowering those who are looking at protecting themselves and mastering a new sport. When you work out, you are more likely to feel better and look better, which is why fitness is also a great confidence booster.

When you enter The Ring, you’re not just joining another gym, but you’re embarking on a fitness journey with like-minded individuals working towards the same goals. Boxing is a great sport to forge new friendships, be it during sparring sessions or partner drills in class, you’re always interacting and motivating each other. There is also an immense sense of achievement you get after powering through each gruelling session.

Whether you’re looking at improving your mental or physical health, the benefits of boxing is boundless.

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