Femme Fatale: Why Women Should Box

Come fight stereotypes one punch at a time!

Throughout history, boxing has been viewed as a male dominated sport. However, over recent years this perception has started to change due to the increasing popularity of combat sports and the influence of social media portraying female celebrities and influencers including boxing as part of their fitness regime. Boxing makes you feel strong and powerful, as well as stimulating your mental health, and it is the perfect way for any woman to take the stress out of their day and leave it on the bag or in the ring.

At The Ring, we even have a whole-body knockout sweat session tailored just for women, Femme Fatale. Whether you’re new to boxing or are already experienced, it is the perfect class for ladies who are looking to improve stamina, coordination and strength. The endorphins and powerfulness you feel both during and after one of our Femme Fatale classes is second to none.

We are incredibly proud of the female boxers within our community. The intense physical and mental discipline required in the sport is as therapeutic for women as it is for men. It is an all-encompassing workout for both the mind and body and it is great to see so many women taking up the sport and debunking any prejudice that this is an aggressive sport suitable only for men.

Read on to find out some of the benefits of boxing for women:

Be Stronger

Boxing has a number of amazing physical benefits for women of all ages! This includes cardiovascular exercise, strength building, balance and agility.

Boxing is a full-body workout which can improve your overall fitness as it requires you to use multiple muscle groups in your body such as your arms, core and legs. Whilst on the outside it might look like you’re just using your arms, the power itself is actually driven from your core, hips and legs.

Also, unlike monotonously running on a treadmill each day, a boxing routine will keep you on your toes. You will always be learning new techniques and combinations as well as switching up your sparring partner – each and every training session will always be different, which will help to keep you motivated in achieving your fitness goals.

Be Confident

Many women who box stand by the fact that boxing is the ultimate stress reliever. By hitting the pads or the bag you can release any tension, frustration or anxiety within a safe space and are able to leave your workout feeling more zen. The boost of endorphins gained from your boxing workout also aids in increasing your mood and happiness levels.

In addition, as a woman, the self defence skills learnt during a boxing class can help to build your confidence and leave you feeling empowered inside the ring and as you go about your daily life.

Be Bold

Fight like a girl and help us to continue to fight the stereotype that boxing is a sport restricted only to men. Boxing is the perfect way to keep fit and stay healthy and will leave every woman feeling empowered, confident and strong, as soon as they step out of The Ring.

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