Beginner or already fight-ready, we’re waiting for you in The Ring. 

What can I expect from my trial at the Ring?

Choose your session and train for free

Get in touch –  we will ask you to pick the session you want to attend and book you right in!

Learn new skills, keep fit and have fun

Our expert trainers will help you unlock new moves, increase your endurance and work on your stamina through a fun & engaging session.

Get a Glimpse of our incredible community

Come and meet our fantastic team and army of amazing members.
We’ll make sure you feel at home right away at The Ring.

Who is it for?

  • You are curious about boxing, or already have some experience
  • You want to improve your fitness, endurance, speed, coordination while having fun 
  • You want to learn proper techniques with expert coaches
  • You would love to join a community of people from all ages and backgrounds 

What if I’ve never tried boxing? 
 You are more than welcome to join. We have special beginner classes to ensure you learn the right moves from the start. 


  • Reach out to us on Whatsapp
  • Choose the session you want to attend from the schedule below
  • Wait for our confirmation 
  • You’re all set! We’ll be waiting for you. Bring gloves and bands if you have some. 


The Ring Orchard Schedule 2024

First boxing class?

Here’s what to expect during our beginner sessions.

1. Skipping & Warm-up

5 -7 Minutes of skipping and dynamic stretches to activate your muscles and get your heart rate up!

2. Shadow Boxing

2 Rounds of 2 Minutes of Shadow boxing depending on the theme of the day. (e.g. Defence, Attack).
Don’t worry if you don’t know how to shadowbox, our coaches will teach you the moves.

3. Partner Drills

3 Rounds of 2 Minutes of Partner Drills.
Here, you will partner up and practice boxing technical skills, which will help condition your reaction time and coordination.

4. Opposition Games

2 Rounds of 2 minutes of opposition games with your partner.
This increases your agility and reaction speed with added fun to it!

5. Bodyweight or Core Exercises

Finally, 5 – 7 Minutes of bodyweight/core exercises to finish it off!

hear it from our MEMBERS

"The facility is amazing but the community of coaches and members is what I love the most. TR is more than a gym, it’s a second home.."
Nicolas Dupuis
TR Member
"The energy at TR makes me smile all the time. With the diverse training programme at TR, there is always something interesting and fun to learn - no matter which level you are at!😊"
Kylie Tan
TR Member
"The community — from the staff to the coaches to fellow members, it's heartening to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who share the same passion for boxing as you. There are no egos here, and everyone is willing to share their knowledge to help you become better."
Jared Tan
TR Member

our boxing gym

1 Claymore Drive, Singapore 229594 #01-01A

TR Orchard is a modern, sleek and elevated boxing gym designed with an atmosphere suited for immersive night classes, kids classes and fitness all in one.What makes TR Orchard different is that it’s tailored to provide you with experiential classes with an upbeat lifestyle approach, and it’s suitable for everyone.

Offerings: Boxing, Muay Thai, Kids Classes, Open Gym, Strength & Conditioning

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