Importance Of Core Training In Muay Thai

Also known as the art of the eight limbs, Muay Thai is a combination of some boxing techniques and rapid strikes with the elbows and knees! Every part of your body can be used to attack, which is why many people who practice Muay Thai often develop excellent physical conditioning.

People often mistake the core to be the abdominal muscles, and this results in them neglecting the workouts for the entire core section. The front, sides and back muscles of your midsection are actually all part of your core and are the main source of power for your limbs. Core muscles work together closely to stabilize your body, and a strong core will allow for holistically stronger body.

Combining the strength of your core with the art of Muay Thai, below are 3 reasons why your core matters!

Increased Balance and Stability

In a sport where you consistently receive hard hits on your body, having a strong core will act as an anchor in maintaining your balance. Core exercises often train your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen muscles together, and this can result in increased balance and stability during training and fights!

Powerful Strikes

A strong core will ensure a better delivery of punches and kicks, something crucial during sparring or fights. Because the core is your body’s source of power, having strong arms or legs is not enough in attempting to dish out significant strikes. By using the rotational force of your body, you are better able to transfer the power towards the limb and ultimately the opponent!

Resist Better

Very often your mid-section receives the most strikes during a fight, and a strong core will allow for better resilience against the hard knocks. A misconception many have are that Muay Thai fighters only focus on training their punches and kicks, however, strengthening your core muscles through specific workouts can increase your body’s overall condition, allowing you to fight longer without feeling lethargic!

Rather than working out isolated core muscles, it is more effective to holistically strengthen your entire core area through comprehensive trainings! The Ring’s strength and conditioning Coach Dzul notes, “S&C is important for any kind of combat sport. Being good at kicking or punching is not enough if you want to be an all-round fighter.”

Follow these simple workouts below to improve your core muscles!


Planks activate muscles like your abs, lower back, obliques and glutes for an all-round holistic core muscle workout.

Abs Wheel

This exercise is actually harder than it looks! Aside from toning your abdominal muscles, the abs wheel increases your balance and control!

Medicine Ball

A familiar sight at most gyms, the simple medicine ball is one of the most multi-functional gym item! Overhead ball slams are a great way to start your core training as it not only improves your power, but also trains your abdominal muscles!

Stability Ball

Another balancing workout that improves your core utilizes the stability ball! Use it while doing your basic exercises like sit-ups or push-ups, and find that you will activate more muscles because of the increased difficulty.

Head over to the gym area at The Ring to kick start your core training regime! You can also join our Strength and Conditioning classes every Tuesday and Thursday and see for yourself the wonders of core training and the impact and influence it will have on your Muay Thai performance! Find our full schedule at