Unveil Your Most Important Assets

Employees are whom make a company thrive and succeed. A happy team increases employee morale and will bring positivity in the workplace. For your next corporate bonding activity, throw in a twist and try something a little more fun than just the regular dinner get-together after work or island adventure sports. Try taking your team to a martial arts class! These are some reasons why a boxing or Muay Thai group class should be your next office retreat.


Through boxing and Muay Thai, your employees get an opportunity and outlet to relieve all that pent-up stress they have been harboring. Whatever issues or troubles they have been or are facing, employees can step away from their stress and release that in every punch and kick they take. Boxing and Muay Thai classes make for appropriate outlets to relieve such stress.

Furthermore, with fun and light-hearted classes at The Ring, your employees are bound to enjoy themselves and go into office feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated than ever! Happy employees mean more productivity in the workplace – it’s a win-win situation.


Greater Group Team Building at The Ring

Through physical activities, employees and co-workers get to step away from their desks and immerse themselves in the sport. This gets them moving and exercising, and promotes a healthy and ideal work-life balance – to be physically healthy, while being productive at work. Employees will then pay more attention to their health and physical wellness.

They may eventually turn that into a habit to keep a fit and healthy lifestyle. In the long term, that means less sick employees, and healthier and happier employees for a better and more productive workplace.


In boxing and Muay Thai, much like at work, people need to work as a team. With classes being held in a group setting, everyone is seen as the same – whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Everyone works towards the same goal, and everyone has to work out together and motivate on each other to push onward throughout class. This will definitely impact communication amongst employees, and help promote effective communication at the workplace.

In the less formal setting of a boxing or Muay Thai class, employees will get to easily break the ice and know each other better. It’s an easy way to get your employees to mix around and acquaint themselves with people within the company, but may have not worked with in the same team before. This all translates into a more bonded team at the workplace, which will bound to boost up morale, positivity, and efficiency at work.

So instead of your next company lunch, ditch the conventional team-building activities for fun, tailored and empowering classes at The Ring!

We’re sure your employees will enjoy their workout here together as a team – there’s no doubt about the many benefits boxing or Muay Thai offer as a team-building exercise.  Email us at info@thering.sg to know more about our corporate packages.