5 Strength And Conditioning Movements To Improve Your Boxing

We have shared in our previous blog articles ways to improve your punching speed and some of the common myths in boxing. Now let’s take a look at some basic strength and conditioning exercises that you can incorporate to your daily routine to improve your boxing skills!

 Aside from focusing on your jab, crosses and hooks, it is important to supplement your boxing training with conditioning workouts in order to maximise your punching power.


Develop greater endurance in your shoulder muscles and you will find yourself being able to punch harder for longer periods of time! Dumbbell shoulder presses are a terrific way to tone up your shoulder muscles, helping with that hook or uppercut. If you find yourself unable to head to the gym, a simple alternative is filling 1.5 litre bottles with water or sand and simulating the same workout at the comforts of your own home!


A simple strength and conditioning workout like a dumbbell bench press can help strengthen your pectoralis major, also known as chest muscles. This muscle group is vital when dishing out straight punches, and a stronger set of chest muscles would mean hard hits each time!


Aside from toning, squats and lunges are great for developing strength in your lower body, improving your boxing stance. If you’re feeling ambitious, add a kettle bell or dumbbell to increase the intensity of the workout.


Aside from powerful frontal punches, engaging your back muscles for that extra impact when punching is fundamental. Pull-ups mimic the pulling action when you retract your arms to get ready for that punch. Punches are all about the push and pull action of your arms, and pull-ups are fantastic to strengthen your back muscles for that extra oomph.


Planks are great to condition your abdominal muscles, a crucial and essential muscle group in all combat sports, especially boxing. A strong core will allow you to have better resilience against those hard body knocks, important if you want to go the distance during fights. A strong core also equates to powerful movements and punches!

Try attending The Ring’s Strength and Conditioning classes or our Rush Hour Circuit Fitness class to supplement your boxing training!