Fuel Up Before and After Your Workout

You might be focused on the best workout techniques or tips, but do you know that what you eat before and after each workout session should be of equal importance too? In order to reach your maximum potential while working out, fuelling your body with the right nutrients is crucial!

Some benefits of consuming the right mix of nutrients before working out include preventing low blood sugar, which is often linked to fatigue and dizziness, as well as aiding in muscle recovery. Your body will benefit from a healthy intake of carbohydrates and protein, even if you’re not looking at building muscle mass. Exercising on an empty stomach because you don’t want to risk putting on weight is extremely dangerous. A simple banana or bowl of greek yoghurt can give you the extra push to power through your workout.

Some fantastic and light options to fuel up before working out include:


One of the healthiest grains, oatmeal is often found in many granola bars, cookies and muffins. They contain high levels of antioxidants, and are also known to stabilise your blood sugar! Oatmeal also contains high levels of fibre, protein and carbs, perfect to fuel your workout. What’s important is that they are easy to digest, which means you can conveniently pop a bowl of oatmeal before a workout.



Greek Yoghurt

Greek yoghurt is a fantastic source of protein and carbs, and contains less sugar than your usual yoghurt offering. If you want to amp up the flavour, a few scoops of nut butter and fruits can elevate this simple yet nutritious pre-workout snack!



Hard Boiled Eggs

An ample source of protein, vitamins and fats, eggs are nutritionally balanced and a great low calorie pre-workout snack option.

You can also always opt for the Singapore classic soft boiled eggs!




Just like oatmeal, hummus is high in iron and a wonderful source of protein and vitamins. Chickpeas are packed with antioxidants, and are one of the most versatile snack options! Dip it with cucumber or carrots for a light but tasty pre-workout snack, or spread it on a cracker or toast to fuel up.


However, always remember to give your body time to digest before exercising. It is recommended to eat about forty-five minutes to an hour before working out to give your body adequete time to digest.

Reward yourself with foods high in carbohydrate, protein and fats after each sweat session! Timing is crucial too, and it’s best to consume within an hour after your workout as that is when your body works the hardest to recover. A nutritious post-workout meal can help minimize muscle breakdown, aiding in recovery.


 Some post-exercise meal options include:

Protein Shake Smoothie

This probably needs to further explanation, as protein known to stimulate muscle growth and recovery, and hence is great as a post-workout option. A smoothie can help restore your body’s sugar and water levels after a workout too!



Sweet Potatoes

Steadily gaining popularity as a healthy alternative to potatoes, sweet potatoes are great for muscle recovery because they contain high levels of copper. They are great to replenish and restore energy levels too, with their high levels of vitamins and fibre.




Apart from containing high levels of potassium, vitamins and nutrients, bananas are also known to prevent muscle inflammation and can even minimise the aches you feel after working out! This is because they can quickly restore glycogen levels in our body, which aids in the recovery and rebuilding of our muscles after working out.



Another versatile ingredient that is delicious on toast, salads or on its own, avocados contain high levels of potassium, which can help reduce muscle soreness after a workout.




It is important to be selective about what your consume before and after your workout as they can directly affect your performance and recovery during each sweat session. The Ring’s bar provides fantastic options for your to fuel up! Grab a freshly-made fruit smoothie or protein bar for an added energy boost the next time you workout.

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