How Boxing Can Improve Your Kids Mental Development

Here at The Ring, we believe Boxing is for everyone, especially for kids! It is undeniable that kids will benefit from boxing physically, but the mental development gained from the sport, both in the short-term and the long-term is immeasurable.

Boxing is a sport which requires both physical and mental strength, helping kids to gain confidence, build discipline and improve their concentration and focus both inside and outside The Ring. Read on to find out how taking up boxing can improve your kids mental development:

  • Mental Health

The World Health Organization recommends an hour of exercise every day for adolescents. The more time kids spend moving when they are younger can even lead to them having better mental health as they grow up. In a 2019 study by Xihe Zhu, an associate professor of human movement science at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va., it was found that children who exercised were less likely to have mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

  • Gain Confidence

Boxing teaches kids to stay motivated and overcome challenges. As their boxing skills improve throughout their training, they will start to develop better self-esteem. Taking part in a sport such as boxing teaches kids that through hard work you can achieve anything. An invaluable skill that they will undoubtedly take with them through life.  Kimberly Lakes, associate professor of psychiatry and neuroscience in the School of Medicine at the University of California Riverside, states that martial arts can also help to build discipline and persistence when working towards goals.

  • Develop Social Skills

Boxing teaches children to work together in a team-oriented environment and promotes healthy social development. At The Ring, we encourage children to work together and teach each other the techniques. Boxing classes require children to work with children of other ages and from different backgrounds. This allows them to grow together on their boxing journey whilst building essential social skills for later life. 

  • Improve Concentration and Focus

Boxing teaches children to calm their mind and develop a sense of purpose as they work towards a goal. Through the repetition of training, children are able to develop sharper minds and this concentration and focus can aid in your kids development and can then be translated into the classroom and even improve the success of their school studies. A study from Janice Ngoc Phung from the California State University San Marcos found that MMA training in particular has been proven to improve working memory and cognitive flexibility in children. 

  • Build Discipline

Ashleigh Johnstone, a PHD researcher in cognitive neuroscience at Bangor University, states that martial arts has been shown to improve ‘classroom conduct’ in children and that they are ‘generally better behaved.’ Boxing classes have a structure and children will learn that consistency is key if they want to improve in their classes. In addition, by working with a trainer, kids will learn to set goals and overcome challenges which strengthens their character. They will also learn to respect the rules of boxing and become more disciplined in a fun and encouraging environment. 

Exercising and being active is important at any age and it is beneficial to create this routine of exercising when children are young – this will improve their overall wellbeing and lead to them having lower levels of anxiety of depression throughout life.

There are a huge range of benefits of your children incorporating boxing into their routines and we welcome kids of all ages to The Ring! They can join us as U14 Holders and boost both their physical and mental development. Get started today – click here.

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