5 Steps You Can Take To Level Up Your Life

Level Up with The Ring this year!

We’ve seen you, and we’ve seen others achieve what they didn’t think was possible. Challenge yourself and don’t pull your punches – we believe you’re capable of even more!

If you’ve been thinking about new year resolutions, this is the time to commit them to action.

“Excellence is not a singular act but a habit. You are what you do repeatedly.” – Aristotle

While we all admire boxers who seem to have it all – a fit body, tenacity and mental strength – it’s important to know that this didn’t come overnight! These boxers trained and pushed themselves to get to where they are today.

Every choice you make is a chance to get closer to your goals, or further away even. At The Ring, we want to encourage you to take active steps towards achieving your best self every day.

Here are 5 steps you can take right now to start improving your lifestyle and outlook on life!

1. Set Milestones and Goals For Yourself

It’s scientifically proven that people who set goals are more likely to perform better than those who don’t. This can be applied to your physical and training goals, or to other areas of your life! When setting goals, make sure they are as specific and measurable as possible. It is also ideal to set a timeframe for when you hope to achieve each milestone! For example, to join a boxing competition, to learn a certain number of moves, or to practise a particular technique to perfection.

2. Train Regularly, and Passionately

This goes without saying! Clocking your hours at The Ring should be set in stone. Whether you’ve had a sluggish week or a bad day, what matters is that you commit to the time you’ve set aside for yourself to train.

Training three or four times a week can do wonders in strengthening your muscles and improving your form and technique. If your schedule doesn’t allow it, committing to just once a week can make a huge difference too.

Once you come into the gym, your first priority should be yourself. Put aside whatever distractions have been bothering you and come fully focused to train!

3. Work Out at Home or in the Gym

Conditioning your body can boost your body’s performance and increase stamina! Apart from boxing at The Ring, it’s recommended that you have your own regular workout regime. Training in cardio, strength and flexibility exercises can sculpt your body and keep you in tip-top condition for boxing. Even just 10 – 15 minutes a day is enough!

4. Get Your Snooze On

It’s not all about working hard. In order to push your body, you need ample rest for your body to recover. This will also enable your muscles to grow and be strengthened for your next boxing session!

5. Take Small Steps To Change Up Your Food Intake

You don’t have to commit to a full-on diet regime. Instead, you can set a routine to reduce your intake of unhealthy foods and increase nutritious meals. For example, you may choose to refrain from eating junk food except for 1 cheat day a week, or focus on having 1 really healthy meal every day. It all depends on your lifestyle as well!

Ready to start living your best life? We’ve got your back – share your plans and goals with our coaches and other members to keep one another accountable! Let’s Level Up together at The Ring as one community!


Level Up With The Ring This 2022

Start the new year right with our new movement: Level Up With The Ring!

Fuel your drive with awesome stories of our members who have experienced amazing growth over their years of training with The Ring. We know how tough it can be to get motivated, and we want to inspire you while reflecting on our members’ remarkable journeys.

Level Up together with us as we highlight the growth of our members not only physically but in their mental strength as well. From the moment they stepped inside our doors, we’ve seen them leave each time more confident, resilient and disciplined.

Boxing at The Ring is about more than just physical training, it’s about striving alongside a community of supportive individuals for your happiest and healthiest self. We challenge our bodies and our minds every training session to achieve something that may have previously been unthinkable, pushing ourselves to the limit each and every time. Improving our physical strength is just the beginning, at the end of all that hard work, it’s the mental lessons that you gained along the way that will make you a stronger individual.

So get in on the action and Level Up with us this year! Here’s a sneak peek of some individuals we’ll be featuring:

Pramilah Streram

Overcoming fears and progressing in Muay Thai Technique
Featured on 10 January

Coach Fads

Taking the leap in a career change and muscle growth
Featured on 24 January

Queenie Quek

Exercised courage by stepping out of her comfort zone
Featured on 7th February

Part-Time Coach Andrew Arasu

Weight loss and emerging victorious in his 1st boxing match in Elite Amateur Series
Featured on 21st February

Natasha Osman

Battled through her injury of a torn ACL
Featured on 7th March


Boosted his sense of confidence and self-esteem
Featured on 21st March

Let’s build up this community together, celebrating ourselves and one another as we strive towards our highest selves!

Kirstie Gannaway: #TRainforConfidence

She was once afraid to feel good about herself, but today, Kirstie believes that she is a strong woman who continues to train for confidence.

Life is full of ups and downs, but boxing has kept Kirstie grounded and on her feet. Never particularly interested in anything, Kirstie discovered her passion in boxing. Suddenly, she had a newfound purpose in life.

“I train to be the best version of myself – mentally and physically. When I’m stronger physically, it affects my mental health for the better.”

Boxing was an honest teacher. Whenever Kirstie wasn’t giving her best in boxing, it revealed deeper habits and negativity that were infiltrating other aspects of her life and she knew she had to get back on track. For instance, if she wasn’t eating clean or sleeping well, it showed in the ring, and reminded her to be more deliberate about keeping those good habits.

“When I would get stronger physically, it made me feel empowered and that it was possible to do certain things that I didn’t believe I could do otherwise.”

Kirstie’s devotion to boxing pushed her to face her demons and surpass what previously felt like mental and physical barriers. Persevering through these challenges boosted Kirstie’s self-confidence. 

Now, she knows that she is capable of even more and never fails to push her limits alongside the encouraging community at The Ring!


“I think almost every fighter will have a time in their career where they will struggle to find the right people to work with. I feel like I found that here.”

Kirstie loves that she found friends at The Ring who encourage her, want to see her at her best, and are great to work with. She feels a strong pride to be a fighter in The Ring among her fellow fighters and we hope you feel it too when you join us!

Ready to take on a new challenge? You’ll be glad you did!

Jared Hoon: #TRainforPerfection

For Jared, to train for perfection means to set a goal in his mind and strive towards it with dedication until he achieves excellence.

In the past 1.5 years, he has seen tremendous progress as he continues to set loftier goals for himself. From starting out at 85 kg with low fitness levels to his current strength as a Coach, Jared truly demonstrates his mettle.

“To me, training for perfection means to train with a purpose, with a goal in mind. The pursuit of perfection in one’s craft”

However, weight loss was never Jared’s main goal. Jared has always wanted to fight and compete in boxing. Keeping his eyes on the prize, he never failed to keep going even when training was tough for him. After all, Jared believes that training for perfection does not mean achieving perfection in your movements. It’s about the act of striving towards that version of yourself.


“I wanted to fight and compete. Losing weight is just an added benefit”


As a coach at The Ring, Jared feels that his mission is to influence people’s lives positively by helping them achieve better physical and mental health. Training provides a great platform for every individual to go beyond their current capabilities and to reach greater heights.



“Being a coach means affecting people’s lives in a
positive way – whether it’s physical fitness or emotional and mental health”

By encouraging them and training them in the appropriate techniques, Jared hopes that each boxer will catch the same fire to #TRainforPerfection, and see themselves transformed as a result.


Sushrut Jindel: #TRainforTheWeekend

A brand design account manager by day and a boxer by night, meet Sushrut who trains for the weekend!

To Sushrut, boxing is a form of meditation. It turned out to be his way of escape from the stress and demands of everyday life. As a matter of fact, rather than shying away from the challenges of boxing, he is drawn to them.

“I like that it’s so demanding, that it consumes you. I like that kind of dedication, that kind of passion… boxing demands it.”

Giving his 110% in every boxing session tunes him out from the dreaded boredom and stresses of daily life. At that moment, boxing is all that matters. Furthermore, training hard every day keeps Sushrut in great shape and in a relaxed mental state for the weekend.

“I meet people who matter most to me over the weekend and I want to be in the best headspace so I can give them my all.”


By putting in the hours every weekday no matter how laborious it may be, Sushrut finds that he’s better able to spend quality time with his loved ones during his cherished weekends. In fact, if he could give advice to his younger self, it would be to start earlier on his boxing journey.



“You’re gonna love the fitness aspect of it, but what you’re gonna love more are the friends you’ll make and just how warm and humble the community is!”

For anyone who wants to join The Ring, Sushrut’s advice is to keep an open mind, trust the coaches and be curious about the community. Patience is key. Keep training and let your body develop its rhythm – the power will come later!

Andre Seah: #TRainforPassion

Few of us can truly say we live out our passions. Andre Seah is one of those lucky and determined enough to make it happen.

Better known in TR as Coach Dre, he has trained hard in Muay Thai for more than half his life, and has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

“I have trained Muay Thai for more than half my life, it has grown on me and became part of my identity. It led me to find my purpose in life.”

His fiery passion makes him truly unstoppable even in the face of what seem to be insurmountable challenges. In one of his fights, Andre faced the worst fear in his life. He broke his arm and things seemed uncertain as to whether he could fight again. Yet Andre did not give up. He chose to get back on his feet. Staying strong and positive amidst the trial, Andre went through the recovery and rehabilitation programme in order to regain his strength and perhaps someday step back into the ring again.

“It was one of the saddest times of my fighting career, I thought I would not be able to fight or be a Coach again.”

After a period of 2 weeks for recovery, Andre returned tothe gym. He couldn’t yet train with his injured arm, but he wanted to regain his strength and stamina by doing body weight training. In one day, Andre could do 2000 burpees with just one arm.

Eventually, his condition improved, and with his physiotherapist’s permission, Andre began training his injured arm by punching a bag in rehab. Over time, he was able to return to the ring and get back into coaching for Muay Thai.


Coach Dre loves the training process and can’t imagine life without it. His passion is truly admirable and explains how he has continued to achieve greater heights! Let’s get ignited by his flaming passion for Muay Thai as well in TR, and similarly remind ourselves to never give up!

Jessica Brun: #TRainforEmpowerment

Meet Jessica, a resilient beginner here at TR who trains for empowerment.

To some, boxing may seem like an intimidating sport. But this was exactly what attracted Jessica Brun. As someone who loves taking on new challenges and exploring new environments, Jessica saw boxing as a new territory to conquer. As it turns out, boxing has been one of the most rewarding journeys Jessica has embarked on.

“It’s so rewarding, and you learn so much by pushing your boundaries and exploring new territories.”

In boxing, Jessica has found an opportunity to push her boundaries not just physically, but mentally. As a sport that requires 100% of what you’ve got, boxing challenges you to grow and give a little more each time you step into class. Jessica has personally witnessed herself growing more gritty as she pushes herself to do better in each class. The empowering satisfaction of feeling her body getting stronger and not giving up when things get hard are immeasurable. Beyond boxing, Jessica now sees herself transformed into a more tenacious and resilient character in her everyday life!

“I love feeling my body getting stronger, knowing that I’ll push myself to do better each class, not giving up when it’s hard – I feel more powerful. I used to give up easily, not anymore.”

The like-minded community of fellow boxers sweetens the journey even more. Jessica loves how everyone is there to enjoy themselves and work hard while empowering one another. The coaches are also really diverse, patient and always there to help – as we like to say in TR, we are Always In Your Corner!

Hamzah Farouk: #TRainforPeaceofMind

Introducing our outstanding Coach and Fighter, Hamzah Farouk, who trains for peace of mind.

From the moment he wakes up to the time his head hits his pillow at night, every waking hour of every day, there’s a part of him that’s in training. The amount of dedication and love Hamzah has for boxing is immeasurable!

The sheer bliss and excitement he gets each time he jumps rope, shadow boxes, punches bags or steps into the ring is irreplaceable. It has helped him time and time again in overcoming his anxiety in a calm and relaxed manner. Like Hamzah, we have all struggled with overwhelming thoughts about things that are just beyond our control. But here at The Ring, we believe vulnerability is a strength. The moment you are open and honest with yourself is the moment you can start breaking out of this spiral. Hamzah turned his passion into something meaningful, he decided to train for peace of mind for he is the happiest and most stress-free when he’s doing what he loves!

“Growing up, I tried so many things but none felt as right as boxing did. I was timid, insecure and very shy. But when I get in the ring, I transform.”

For Hamzah, boxing changed his life. It built his confidence, self-esteem, and taught him to have hope and faith in himself. Boxing gave him discipline and direction in life and each time he would step into the ring, he would transform into the best version of himself.

“It gave me hope & faith. Without it, I wouldn’t be the same Hamzah you know me as today.”

Just as Hamzah is proud to be a fighter in The Ring Boxing Community, we are immensely proud to have such an amazing individual with an unbreakable spirit represent us. Thank you for training hard everyday to become a better fighter for yourself, your loved ones, and the team at The Ring Boxing Community. Hamzah is an inspiration to all of us and we speak on behalf of everyone when we say it has been an honour to support and continue supporting him through his professional boxing career!




Kylie Tan: #TRainforabetteryou

Meet Kylie, a member who trains to be a better version of herself

Though originally drawn to boxing, she fell in love with Muay Thai as she realised it had taught her values that went beyond just the fitness perspective.

“Muay Thai helped me to be a better version of myself as it trains both the mind and body, bringing forth your best form

Kylie took up the sport to bring her fitness journey to new heights and to achieve the best version of herself. More than that though, Muay Thai was a lifestyle choice for her as it trained her resilience, willpower, and mindset. As she pushed her limits, she felt herself getting stronger not just physically but mentally as well, and that’s when she knew Muay Thai brought out the best in her!

“I started to feel more confident. I wouldn’t have had the mindset that I have right now when I started 7 years ago”

Kylie too, started her journey at the very beginning. We all know that it’s never an easy feat to start from square one but as she pushed forward day by day without giving up, she continued training both her mind and body and it helped shape her into the strong and courageous woman we see her as today.

“Muay Thai allows me to achieve the best version of myself

Just as Kylie kept training to progress towards a better self, remember that the best version of yourself is a work in progress! The journey towards self-improvement is never finished, but you are always evolving to be better than you were before and that’s a win for sure! Remember that maintaining a positive mindset, feeling empowered by your own self-efficacy, and acknowledging success where it happens no matter how big or small, are all key factors in achieving the best version of yourself. It’s not an easy journey but the moment you know the reason behind what you #TRainfor like Kylie, you’ve already won half the battle.

So ask yourself what’s the reason? What do you #TRainfor? The moment you decide, The Ring Boxing Community will be there to embark on the journey with you.

The Ring Celebrates The Champion Within Our Ordinary Selves #TRainfor


The Ring’s newest #TRainfor campaign highlights the meaning behind each individual’s fighting spirit. And, over the next three months, we’ll delve deeper into the stories of our community, sharing the reasons behind why they train and what keeps them going every day.

The past couple of years have highlighted more than ever that we as humans are strong and resilient. We will still continue to push ourselves forward both individually and as a collective, during tough times. 

This attitude of persistence and perseverance has inspired all of us at The Ring, day in and day out. We want to celebrate our community and the positive fighting spirit that resides in all of us. It is this life ethos which is behind our #TRainfor campaign.

The Seven:

Our #TRainfor for campaign is a celebration of all the Members, Coaches and Fighters that are a part of The Ring Community. Each of the 7 dedicated representatives represent a different role in the community – whether that be Coaches, Members,Fighters, Beginners, Advanced, Malay, Eurasian, Chinese or Indian.

Here at The Ring we champion diversity and no matter your background, no matter your experience, you’ll always find someone at The Ring who represents you.

Over the next few months, you’ll get to meet our Coaches: Dre, the Head Coach of Muay Thai Coach and Jared, our Boxing Coach. Our fighters: Kirstie and Hamzah our Boxing Champions. Last but not least, our diverse members: Jessica, Kylie and Sush.

When we asked each of them what they #TRain for, they all had a positive message to say, and we couldn’t be prouder or more inspired by our community. 

More Than Just Boxing & Muay Thai:

What’s the difference between The Ring and other boxing gyms we hear you ask? At The Ring, whilst we care about Boxing, Muay Thai, fitness and techniques, above all, we prioritise our community. We prioritise the moments where we spend time with each other. 

 It is the people of The Ring who inspired us to create this campaign. Each and every one of them all has different reasons as to why they train. It all stems from wanting to be a better person in some way. We all focus on self-improvement rather than just fighting in general and there’s something deeper, we are all seeking something which feeds our soul. It is Boxing and Muay Thai which have changed and improved all our lives and we’re sure you will agree.

A healthy body is a healthy mind:

In every training session we push ourselves to the limit, see how far we can go and challenge our bodies and our minds to achieve something we may have not thought possible. Whilst on the outside, a boxing match might seem centered around whether you win or lose, no matter the outcome, we celebrate ourselves, we celebrate each other. 

Life will show you some loss or some win, which will help to become a better version of yourself again, and again. Making errors and making mistakes will force you to learn to pick yourself back again. At the Ring, training starts with physical fitness, but soon or later, it benefits your mental health.

Everyone is a champion in their own way: 

Today is tougher than yesterday and tomorrow will be worse. The Ring is helping you to create habits to motivate you to come to the gym. How ? Watch out for our community! We respect and admire each other for their passion, love or their desire to train. The Ring is just a place where each member shares the same training, passion or stories to be a better version of themselves in these difficult times. 

 We have 7 dedicated people who are just a sample to our amazing community. Have a look, be curious, or just show your support to those amazing people sharing their stories which can ultimately be your own story. 

Ask yourself why? What’s your reason

What makes you step up and enter the Ring? What do YOU #TRainfor?