Nurture Values, Build Confidence in your Little Ones

Deciding on what sport to start your little ones on? Boxing and Muay Thai are not just for adults – they are beneficial for children too! It is always great for kids to start a new hobby, and we promise you that the fun-filled and exciting classes will get them hooked on the sport.

Here are some benefits of the sports for your little ones.


Physical activities offer a tangible result that can motivate your kids – hard work does pay off! Through our classes, your little ones can be motivated and uplifted, a great way to boost their self-confidence. They are often stronger both mentally and physically after each session, as our classes require equal amounts of physical strength and mental resilience. There is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition among the children, and Boxing and Muay Thai classes provide a safe and controlled environment for your child’s competitiveness. Learning how to properly protect oneself is always a great moral and confidence boost.


Finding it hard to keep up with the energy levels of your children? Attending fitness classes like Boxing or Muay Thai can provide your little ones with a safe outlet to release their bursts of energy. In an age where technology is a major source of distraction, an enjoyable physical activity can encourage many to put away their smartphones. Our coaches at The Ring understand the importance of captivating the interests of your children, which is why every class promises a fun-filled programme to get your kid hooked on the sport.

The benefits of martial arts include building muscles, increasing flexibility and strengthening and toning – crucial during the early developmental years of your child. They are a fantastic addition to the physical education classes in school, and organised in a fun and safe environment, your child will definitely be encouraged to stay healthy and lean. Moreover, many kids are becoming victims to poor posture as a result of countless hours spent in front of the screen. With the emphasis on good body posture and balance, Boxing and Muay Thai sessions can help improve your little one’s overall wellbeing!


Many values are inculcated through Boxing and Muay Thai, such as respect for coaches and peers. Especially in martial arts, discipline and responsibility are often key principles. Children are encouraged to become responsible individuals for their own safety and actions. During classes, they are encouraged to take charge of their own fitness gear, and are expected to follow instructions from the coaches. This improves the focus and concentration of your little ones, who will often have to work with the other kids to achieve a common goal. For the young ones who are hesitant to come out of their shell, Boxing and Muay Thai classes are great in encouraging social interaction as it usually features partner drills and team activities.

Guaranteeing a fun and exciting session each class, The Ring offers Junior Classes for your little ones four times a week! They will be exposed to valuable life lessons and skills that can ultimately impact their growths as individuals in the future.