Why Women Should Take Up Boxing

Boxing has always been thought of as more of a mens’ sport – women have always been in the background. It’s time to change that today. Boxing can benefit women in so many different ways – not only your body benefits from this high-intensity exercise, but your mental wellbeing as well. Ladies, here are some reasons why you should pick up your boxing gloves today!


You are responsible for yourself in the ring – just you, yourself, and your boxing gloves. The punches and hits are yours to bear – no one else’s. Boxing will train your reflexes and response time – you’ll be more alert of everything around you. Through boxing, you’ll develop a sense of self-care that’s unparalleled to any other activity or sport. You’ll look out for yourself more, and in essence, care for yourself more than ever.


Boxing gives you an entire body workout. It works out your arms, shoulders, chest, abdominals, back, and legs – all in just one session. Besides, boxing is definitely far more fun and exhilarating as compared to just lifting weights at the gym or going for a run. You’ll get your fun with exciting boxing combinations whilst getting your workout in – it’s a win-win situation for you ladies.


Ladies, we hear you – we all know you want that lean and curvy body you see in the magazines. Well, boxing can do just that for you, and more. Boxing is a great high-intensity sport that burns loads of calories and fat so you can slim down fast and get that body you’ve always been talking about. Plus, boxing can help you with toning so you can get a slim and toned body in no time.


Besides giving you that summer body you’ve always wanted, boxing can train your mind too. With every punch you throw, you can relieve all that stress from your life – be it from work, school, relationships, or any other problems you face. You’ll be able to walk out of class with a clearer mind. You’ll be able to focus on what truly matters, and prioritise your tasks. Whoever said boxing was just about working out physically? It relieves any pent-up stress to benefit your mind too.


Come on, we have to admit it – girls who can box are totally awesome! You’ll be the talk of the town. Ladies, empower yourself with the art of boxing. Through boxing, you’ll feel more capable than ever. You will be able to show off some of your cool punches, jabs, and boxing combinations to score you some brownie points on the cool meter. Boxing turns you into a super confident lady, and confidence is definitely the new sexy.

Always wanted to take up boxing? Stop hesitating – pick your gloves up today and join our classes at The Ring that are open to all levels. Ladies, good news for you. We do have a ladies-only Femme Fatale class as well. See you at The Ring!