3 Smoothie Recipes To Boost Your Health

After a long session of indulgence during the festive season, it is time to get back in shape for the new year! While working out is essential in maintaining good health, what you choose to eat is equally crucial in achieving optimal health!

Fruits taste great, and are a fantastic source of many necessary nutrients, including Potassium, Fiber and Vitamin C. They are tasty and healthy to snack on throughout the day and can be great supplements to your workout sessions.

Some fruits contain high levels of anti-oxidants, which are not only good for your skin, but also your heart! Strawberries, blueberries and even grapes have antioxidant properties, which can neutralize and reduce the damage caused by free radicals in our bodies. Bananas also contain high amounts of potassium, which can help reduce high blood pressure.

We’ve compiled a few simple smoothie recipes that you can easily whip up at home or after your workout for an added health boost!

After Sports Smoothie

A smoothie is fantastic to fuel up after an intense workout session. Your body ideally needs to be replenished with two to three glasses of water for every half-litre of sweat. Opt for fruits with high water content as they can help your body maintain an ideal balance after working out. You can also choose to include fruits that have high levels of protein, such as avocados, blackberries, bananas and raspberries, which can help your body repair and recover from your workout.

After Sports Smoothie


– Half cup of Watermelon (High Water Content)

– Half Cup of Banana/Raspberry (High Protein Content)

– Quarter Cup Water & Ice-Cubes

Detox Smoothie

Opting for fruits and vegetables that are high in dietary fibre can help your body detox effectively. Lactic acid present in yoghurt is also good for your gut health! This recipe is easy to put together, and green peppers contain high levels of antioxidants as well as Vitamin C!

Detox Smoothie


– Half cup of Cucumber & Green Pepper

– Half a Kiwi

– Quarter cup of Low-fat Yogurt

– Quarter Cup Water & Ice-Cubes

Stress Free Smoothie

Working out is a fantastic outlet for stress relief, but you can supplement that with a smoothie that can help reducing stress! Skimmed milk and bananas contain serotonin, which is a chemical that helps you keep calm. Vitamin C is also another stress-busting ingredient, which is commonly found in many fruits and vegetables.

Stress-Free Smoothie


– Half cup of Banana & Papaya

– Quarter cup of Raspberries

– Half cup of Skimmed Milk

– Ice-Cubes

Start off the decade strong with these quick and simple smoothie recipes that can easily supplement your workout sessions!

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