The Ring Fight Team: What Makes a Champion

As the saying goes, behind every success is a great team. The accomplishments of the champions we see in and out of the ring is a result of many individuals coming together for a common goal. Despite only turning 3 this year, the achievements of The Ring’s fight team have been nothing short of spectacular, and we find out more from some of them about what it takes to be a champion.

Coach Nasser with WBC World Youth Champion and Monaco athlete of the year Ali Chebah in 2009.


2018 and 2019 were milestones in the boxing careers of many from The Ring’s professional fight team, with Hamzah Farouk and Abdelelah Karroum bagging prominent titles. Their achievements are not only a culmination of their hard work, determination and grit, but also from their partnership and guidance from Coach Nasser Yefsah a.k.a “Chef”. The French national travels down to Singapore to train the team before their crucial fights, and is a veteran when it comes to boxing coaching. His career began when he coached the Algerian National Boxing team for the Sydney Olympic Games in 2002. Among them, Allalou Mohamed won the silver medal in the Super-Lightweight Category. Coach Nasser also worked with Professional boxer Ali Chebah, who managed to clinch the World Boxing Council World Youth Superlight Title.

“Combining my expertise from my past experiences, I hope to bring the team to greater heights! In preparation for the recent TRFC7, the team worked hard to strategise and execute our fight plan. It has been an exciting journey working with the Golden Glove Asia Promotions boxers,” comments Nasser.

A great coach is more than just a mentor, he should be one that inspires others with his passion, and we look forward to our team excelling and moving on to the international level in the coming years!

No dream too big to be achieved

It was always Hamzah Farouk’s dream to become a boxing champion. With his recent win at TRFC7, the thirty-one year old has added a second belt to his name, becoming the Oriental Pacific Boxing Federation Silver Champion of his weight class. The road to becoming a champion was not always smooth sailing, and while Hamzah was no stranger to fighting in the ring as an amateur, it took him a great amount of courage to step out of his corporate career to start boxing professionally.

Hamzah shares, “Self-discipline is everything. If you can conquer your physical and mental being, you can conquer anything in the world”.

Dare to take risks

Coming to a foreign country in pursuit of achieving your dream sounds like a crazy idea, but it was exactly the route Abdelelah Karroum chose to take, and it certainly paid off. The French native stepped into the sunny shores of Singapore for the first time in 2017, and has since gone on to succeed in the squared circle. A former member of the Monaco Amateur Boxing team, Abdelelah, better known as Abdou, went on to make his professional boxing debut at TRFC. He has since extended his professional fight record to an impressive 7 wins!

Abdou sticks to his mantra closely, believing that “If you want something badly enough, you will be willing to fight for it”.

The Ring Team, together with WBC Champions Hamzah Farouk and Abdelelah Karroum, who trained with Coach Nasser.

What makes a champion?

Below are some of the essential qualities shared by The Ring’s fight team on what makes a champion:

  • WILLPOWER to push through difficulties

  • The acknowledgement of the effort needed to ACHIEVE

  • The constant questioning and improving; “The detail makes the difference”

  • Lastly, a solid foundation which includes optimal body strength, physical and mental resistance.

Important to stay true to values

For those training hard and aiming at becoming future champions, it is important to always stay true to your values and never forget your humble beginnings. Be confident in your craft, and your hard work will be rewarded. Also, always show respect, to yourself, and also your opponent in the ring.

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