5 Ways To Ease Your Anxiety

During this time of uncertainty, it’s understandable that you might be feeling anxiety in relation to the coronavirus crisis. This uncertainty, coupled with instability and a change or loss of our daily routine can be difficult on our mental health.

To help put your mind at ease, here are our tips on how to manage any heightened emotions which you are experiencing at the moment.


Our daily habits such as going to the gym or catching up with friends is no longer an option for many of us. Some of us have had to cancel special celebrations like weddings and graduations and we are worrying about becoming sick which can cause us to become ill as a result. All this can be stressful and overwhelming. It can be easy for our minds to focus on the negatives. 

In light of this, we can work to control our thoughts and, if you feel panicked, it can be helpful to take a few deep breaths or talk to someone close to you about how you are feeling so that your negative thoughts don’t consume you.


If you are struggling with anxiety, limit your exposure to the news and social media. Try to limit what you watch, read and listen to to just once a day. Whilst it is important to stay up to date on the virus, if you are struggling to cope, take care of your mental health and give yourself a break from your online life for a while.

Instead, take yourself offline by reading a book, taking a walk in nature or spending some time with loved ones whilst still practising social distancing.


When you do turn on the news and read social media updates, try to avoid any speculation and remain focussed on the facts. There can be so much misinformation out there which can add to you feeling overwhelmed.

Rely instead on trusted forms of communication, such as the World Health Organization, and remember to give yourself a break from both the news and social media every once in a while.


Whilst social distancing requires us to stay home to help reduce the spread of the virus, we can still stay connected with friends, family and loved ones online.

Human beings need to feel connected to feel happy. Keep in touch via phone calls or through video messaging and talk about other topics which will help to lift your spirits. Whilst you need support, you can also be a support system to those around you


During this time it is important to try to stick to healthy behaviours like a good diet and sleep. Make sure you also take time for yourself, whether that involves exercise, meditation or having a long bath. And, try to do things consistently and create a regular routine to help you get into a good headspace as this will help you to feel more in control.

And remember that we will all still have the same time in the day. Whilst we can’t control the situation, we can focus on ways to calm ourselves down and find peace of mind. Use this time to your advantage and do things you wouldn’t have done before. By adapting to your new temporary way of life, you can focus on working to benefit your future with the time which may have been restricted to you before.

Pictures from Pexels.com