5 Ways To Stay Productive While Working From Home

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, the majority of us will be required to work from home. For many of us, we will have to begin to adjust to this new way of working without the discipline which comes from working in an office. 

Being in your personal space and not your professional environment can bring many distractions, from household chores to watching that Netflix series everyone is talking about. 

Here are our 5 tips for staying productive while working from home:

1. Formulate a Morning Routine

Use the first hours of the day wisely! Your usual commute to work is often a valuable way for people to transition from home life to work life. Create your own commute and set some time at the beginning of the day to help you get into work mode.

This time could be used to get in some morning movement, to mediate or have breakfast. Wake your body up and wake your mind up by having a routine before you sit at your desk and start work.

2. Get Dressed

Although it is tempting to stay in your pyjamas for the whole day, make a concerted effort to change into normal clothes. Wear something which will make you feel more professional and this will help you to get yourself into the mindset that you have a day of work ahead of you.

Getting dressed will help to turn on that productivity switch which we need to get going when working from home.

3. Designated Workspace

One of the keys to being productive at home is to create an environment free from distractions where you can focus on your to-do list.  Do not work on the sofa or in your bed and instead find a comfortable space that you can associate with your job, by doing so you can create a clear boundary between work and home life. 

Make your space a quiet zone where you can concentrate and keep that space free of clutter and distractions. For example, try not to have the TV or music on in the background and consider putting your phone on airplane mode when working on your laptop.

4. Scheduling Your Time

Working from home can be filled with distractions. In the morning, don’t just roll out of bed without a plan, make a schedule the night before. Set the hours you are going to work for the day and build your schedule into these hours. 

Also schedule in your exercise, your morning routine and when you’re going to switch off. Household chores can also quickly eat into your workday and make you less productive so be sure to schedule time for these too so you don’t use up too much of your day.

Having a schedule can keep you focused and motivated but remember to be realistic. Don’t set yourself too many tasks in one day as you don’t want to feel guilty when you want to switch off in the evening. 

5. Avoid Cabin Fever

Now that you are spending the majority of your time in the home, try to also spend time going on a walk or visiting a nearby park – remember to maintain social distancing! Spending some time in nature can help you to relax and clear your mind, in turn making you more productive and creative when you sit back at your desk.