How To Keep Up Your Boxing Training Without Equipment

It’s Week 3 of the Circuit Breaker and many of us are itching to get back into the gym and worrying about how to train without our usual gym equipment or coaching advice from our instructors. If you have made it a goal to keep training in order to maintain your fitness and strength, your usual workout regime will need to be adjusted. The good news is that many useful boxing techniques can be adapted from your usual boxing workouts in the gym and transferred to your living room.

Read below for our advice on where to start even if you have no equipment at home during this time.


Whilst you may not have your usual bags, pads or sparring partner, we recommend keeping up that technique by shadowboxing. 

Shadowboxing will challenge your speed and power without the resistance of the bag. Focus on high reps, throw those punches with a variety of different combinations and move around the room to keep your feet nimble and to get your heart rate up. You can even increase the intensity by holding weights in each hand.

Skipping without a skipping rope

A skipping rope is a staple part of many boxing workouts and your training. It is the perfect way to incorporate a cardio workout into your home training, requires very little space, and again helps to loosen up your feet. 

If you don’t have a skipping rope at home or if you don’t have the ceiling height to be able to skip, you can imitate the movements of skipping by moving your hands at the wrist as if you were jumping over a rope. 

Other alternatives, if you don’t have a jump rope, are jumping jacks, mountain climbers or high knees.

Interval Training

Interval training and working with your bodyweight are a great way to raise your heart rate, helping you to maintain your cardio progress. Download an Interval Timer on your phone and schedule three minutes of work followed by one minute of rest.

If you want more of a challenge, you can up the time you’re working for and reduce your rest periods.

Incorporate a variety of bodyweight exercises such as boxer burpees, push-ups, planks and squat jumps to really make you sweat.

Get Creative With Household Equipment

No weights? No problem! You might not have your usual weights and gym equipment but you can still get in a great workout using some of your handy household items. Substitute your usual hand weights by using water bottles or substitute a kettlebell by filling up a duffel bag or by using a full bottle of detergent.

We encourage you to get creative and transform your living room into the best home gym it can be. Check out some common household items that can double up as home workout equipment!

IGTV Home Workout Videos

If you’re missing the social aspect of training and working with your trainers and sparring partners, or just need a bit of extra motivation to get you going, a virtual workout is the answer! Head over to our Instagram page @thering_sg and take part in our IGTV Boxing Home Workout Videos. It’s the next best thing to being in The Ring with your favourite coaches and you’ll learn new tips and techniques along the way!