Hamzah Farouk: #TRainforPeaceofMind

Introducing our outstanding Coach and Fighter, Hamzah Farouk, who trains for peace of mind.

From the moment he wakes up to the time his head hits his pillow at night, every waking hour of every day, there’s a part of him that’s in training. The amount of dedication and love Hamzah has for boxing is immeasurable!

The sheer bliss and excitement he gets each time he jumps rope, shadow boxes, punches bags or steps into the ring is irreplaceable. It has helped him time and time again in overcoming his anxiety in a calm and relaxed manner. Like Hamzah, we have all struggled with overwhelming thoughts about things that are just beyond our control. But here at The Ring, we believe vulnerability is a strength. The moment you are open and honest with yourself is the moment you can start breaking out of this spiral. Hamzah turned his passion into something meaningful, he decided to train for peace of mind for he is the happiest and most stress-free when he’s doing what he loves!

“Growing up, I tried so many things but none felt as right as boxing did. I was timid, insecure and very shy. But when I get in the ring, I transform.”

For Hamzah, boxing changed his life. It built his confidence, self-esteem, and taught him to have hope and faith in himself. Boxing gave him discipline and direction in life and each time he would step into the ring, he would transform into the best version of himself.

“It gave me hope & faith. Without it, I wouldn’t be the same Hamzah you know me as today.”

Just as Hamzah is proud to be a fighter in The Ring Boxing Community, we are immensely proud to have such an amazing individual with an unbreakable spirit represent us. Thank you for training hard everyday to become a better fighter for yourself, your loved ones, and the team at The Ring Boxing Community. Hamzah is an inspiration to all of us and we speak on behalf of everyone when we say it has been an honour to support and continue supporting him through his professional boxing career!




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