Jessica Brun: #TRainforEmpowerment

Meet Jessica, a resilient beginner here at TR who trains for empowerment.

To some, boxing may seem like an intimidating sport. But this was exactly what attracted Jessica Brun. As someone who loves taking on new challenges and exploring new environments, Jessica saw boxing as a new territory to conquer. As it turns out, boxing has been one of the most rewarding journeys Jessica has embarked on.

“It’s so rewarding, and you learn so much by pushing your boundaries and exploring new territories.”

In boxing, Jessica has found an opportunity to push her boundaries not just physically, but mentally. As a sport that requires 100% of what you’ve got, boxing challenges you to grow and give a little more each time you step into class. Jessica has personally witnessed herself growing more gritty as she pushes herself to do better in each class. The empowering satisfaction of feeling her body getting stronger and not giving up when things get hard are immeasurable. Beyond boxing, Jessica now sees herself transformed into a more tenacious and resilient character in her everyday life!

“I love feeling my body getting stronger, knowing that I’ll push myself to do better each class, not giving up when it’s hard – I feel more powerful. I used to give up easily, not anymore.”

The like-minded community of fellow boxers sweetens the journey even more. Jessica loves how everyone is there to enjoy themselves and work hard while empowering one another. The coaches are also really diverse, patient and always there to help – as we like to say in TR, we are Always In Your Corner!

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