How Boxing Can Benefit Your Mental Health

In light of COVID-19, we have all had to adjust to the ‘new norm’ and have found the lines between work and home life increasingly blurred. With more time spent at home, we may find regular exercise slipping off our to-do list. 

However, if working more at home has left you feeling less energetic, moody or you have even found yourself suffering from anxiety or depression – a little exercise during the week could be the key to help you feel more like you again! Whilst boxing has a multitude of physical benefits from increasing your strength to building stamina, did you know that it can also be beneficial to your mental health? 

Read on below to find out how training at The Ring could help you to relieve stress, sleep better and even increase your self-confidence during this unprecedented time:


Working at home, it can be tempting to sit on the sofa and put your boxing workout on the back burner for another day. However, it’s especially important to stay active during this time. 

By making boxing a regular part of our daily routines we can take ourselves out of the current situation and instead be in the present moment, focussing on the task at hand – a moment to switch off from the outside world and any stress, anxiety or anger you might be feeling. Any form of movement can help, but you’re more likely to experience a bigger benefit if you are focussed – allowing you to interrupt the flow of worries occurring in your mind.

In addition to being in the present moment, boxing, as a form of exercise, releases the production of endorphins and helps to relieve any muscle tension which is felt when stressed. These ‘feel-good’ hormones will help you to relax and forget your worries, for at least for a little while.


Without an office environment, are you finding yourself less focused on your work, procrastinating and becoming distracted by your home surroundings? Those same ‘feel-good’ endorphins that make you more positive can also help your concentration and help you to be more mentally sharp. If you’re struggling to stay focused, a quick boxing workout can give you a productive break from your laptop and help you to complete tasks more efficiently when you return to your desk.

As a form of high-intensity cardiovascular exercise, boxing can also help to improve the quality of your sleep. A good night’s sleep is essential for your brain and cognitive function – ensuring that you’re rejuvenated and energised for the day ahead.


In light of COVID-19 we are facing more challenges than ever before. And, there are many examples of people who have turned to boxing to help them overcome challenges they have faced. Each punch of the bag can really make you feel empowered – helping you to build confidence in yourself and your abilities. By meeting your fitness goals, you’ll feel a sense of achievement and be ready to take on whatever challenges the day throws at you.

As studies have shown, all forms of regular exercise have a positive impact on your mental health. Boxing in particular can have a cathartic and therapeutic effect on both your mind and body as you are able to ‘take it out on the bag.’ With more time spent at home than ever before, this is something we all need more than ever to help us to relieve stress and become more focused. Find out for yourself by booking a class at The Ring and get ready to punch your worries away! Boxing Singapore with the Ring!

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