Kirstie Gannaway: #TRainforConfidence

She was once afraid to feel good about herself, but today, Kirstie believes that she is a strong woman who continues to train for confidence.

Life is full of ups and downs, but boxing has kept Kirstie grounded and on her feet. Never particularly interested in anything, Kirstie discovered her passion in boxing. Suddenly, she had a newfound purpose in life.

“I train to be the best version of myself – mentally and physically. When I’m stronger physically, it affects my mental health for the better.”

Boxing was an honest teacher. Whenever Kirstie wasn’t giving her best in boxing, it revealed deeper habits and negativity that were infiltrating other aspects of her life and she knew she had to get back on track. For instance, if she wasn’t eating clean or sleeping well, it showed in the ring, and reminded her to be more deliberate about keeping those good habits.

“When I would get stronger physically, it made me feel empowered and that it was possible to do certain things that I didn’t believe I could do otherwise.”

Kirstie’s devotion to boxing pushed her to face her demons and surpass what previously felt like mental and physical barriers. Persevering through these challenges boosted Kirstie’s self-confidence. 

Now, she knows that she is capable of even more and never fails to push her limits alongside the encouraging community at The Ring!


“I think almost every fighter will have a time in their career where they will struggle to find the right people to work with. I feel like I found that here.”

Kirstie loves that she found friends at The Ring who encourage her, want to see her at her best, and are great to work with. She feels a strong pride to be a fighter in The Ring among her fellow fighters and we hope you feel it too when you join us!

Ready to take on a new challenge? You’ll be glad you did!

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