Start the new year right with our new movement: Level Up With The Ring!

Fuel your drive with awesome stories of our members who have experienced amazing growth over their years of training with The Ring. We know how tough it can be to get motivated, and we want to inspire you while reflecting on our members’ remarkable journeys.

Level Up together with us as we highlight the growth of our members not only physically but in their mental strength as well. From the moment they stepped inside our doors, we’ve seen them leave each time more confident, resilient and disciplined.

Boxing at The Ring is about more than just physical training, it’s about striving alongside a community of supportive individuals for your happiest and healthiest self. We challenge our bodies and our minds every training session to achieve something that may have previously been unthinkable, pushing ourselves to the limit each and every time. Improving our physical strength is just the beginning, at the end of all that hard work, it’s the mental lessons that you gained along the way that will make you a stronger individual.

So get in on the action and Level Up with us this year! Here’s a sneak peek of some individuals we’ll be featuring:

Pramilah Streram

Overcoming fears and progressing in Muay Thai Technique
Featured on 10 January

Coach Fads

Taking the leap in a career change and muscle growth
Featured on 24 January

Queenie Quek

Exercised courage by stepping out of her comfort zone
Featured on 14 February

Part-Time Coach Andrew Arasu

Weight loss and emerging victorious in his 1st boxing match in Elite Amateur Series
Featured on 28 February

Natasha Osman

Battled through her injury of a torn ACL
Featured on 15 March


Boosted his sense of confidence and self-esteem
Featured on 28 March

Let’s build up this community together, celebrating ourselves and one another as we strive towards our highest selves!

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