5 Steps You Can Take To Level Up Your Life

Level Up with The Ring this year!

We’ve seen you, and we’ve seen others achieve what they didn’t think was possible. Challenge yourself and don’t pull your punches – we believe you’re capable of even more!

If you’ve been thinking about new year resolutions, this is the time to commit them to action.

“Excellence is not a singular act but a habit. You are what you do repeatedly.” – Aristotle

While we all admire boxers who seem to have it all – a fit body, tenacity and mental strength – it’s important to know that this didn’t come overnight! These boxers trained and pushed themselves to get to where they are today.

Every choice you make is a chance to get closer to your goals, or further away even. At The Ring, we want to encourage you to take active steps towards achieving your best self every day.

Here are 5 steps you can take right now to start improving your lifestyle and outlook on life!

1. Set Milestones and Goals For Yourself

It’s scientifically proven that people who set goals are more likely to perform better than those who don’t. This can be applied to your physical and training goals, or to other areas of your life! When setting goals, make sure they are as specific and measurable as possible. It is also ideal to set a timeframe for when you hope to achieve each milestone! For example, to join a boxing competition, to learn a certain number of moves, or to practise a particular technique to perfection.

2. Train Regularly, and Passionately

This goes without saying! Clocking your hours at The Ring should be set in stone. Whether you’ve had a sluggish week or a bad day, what matters is that you commit to the time you’ve set aside for yourself to train.

Training three or four times a week can do wonders in strengthening your muscles and improving your form and technique. If your schedule doesn’t allow it, committing to just once a week can make a huge difference too.

Once you come into the gym, your first priority should be yourself. Put aside whatever distractions have been bothering you and come fully focused to train!

3. Work Out at Home or in the Gym

Conditioning your body can boost your body’s performance and increase stamina! Apart from boxing at The Ring, it’s recommended that you have your own regular workout regime. Training in cardio, strength and flexibility exercises can sculpt your body and keep you in tip-top condition for boxing. Even just 10 – 15 minutes a day is enough!

4. Get Your Snooze On

It’s not all about working hard. In order to push your body, you need ample rest for your body to recover. This will also enable your muscles to grow and be strengthened for your next boxing session!

5. Take Small Steps To Change Up Your Food Intake

You don’t have to commit to a full-on diet regime. Instead, you can set a routine to reduce your intake of unhealthy foods and increase nutritious meals. For example, you may choose to refrain from eating junk food except for 1 cheat day a week, or focus on having 1 really healthy meal every day. It all depends on your lifestyle as well!

Ready to start living your best life? We’ve got your back – share your plans and goals with our coaches and other members to keep one another accountable! Let’s Level Up together at The Ring as one community!


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