Levelling up isn’t all about the hustle. For Pramilah or better known as Premi, levelling up is about finding her own rhythm.

Always the go-getter and working in dentistry, Premi realised that she was constantly busy and in need of a break. When she burned out in the middle of last year, Premi decided to prioritise her personal well-being more.

Due to her desire to focus on herself, Premi took a month off work and travelled to Germany in the midst of the pandemic. It gave her a new perspective and helped her develop a new-found balance in her life. Going forward, Premi hoped to be more mindful of her body and how she’s feeling. Muay Thai has been pivotal in driving this shift.

“As someone who used to always live in her head, I would overthink, move very fast and constantly be doing things, but now I have learned to slow down and pay attention to how my body is feeling.”

Having suffered past trauma, Premi finds that going for Muay Thai classes helped her learn to lean into the pain and discomfort instead of fighting it. Stepping out of her comfort zone to attend classes alone has helped her to emerge as a stronger and more confident person.

In addition, Premi opted for Personal Training (PT) classes with Coach Darren, as she wanted to get back to the fundamentals. As someone who emphasises on quality, whenever Premi is feeling flustered, Coach Darren recognises it and takes a step back to slow down and go back to the basics.

To Premi, having a good foundation is essential and this has also translated into her everyday life because without a good foundation, it is very hard to achieve what you want in life.

“I fear not the man who practiced 10,000 kicks once, but the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee

We’re proud of what Premi has achieved and hope to continue to #LevelUp with her at The Ring!

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