Where to buy Boxing And Muay Thai Gear in Singapore

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Whether you’re new to boxing or a seasoned athlete, having the right boxing equipment is essential for an optimal training experience. Good quality gear helps protect you from injuries, improves your technique, and allows you to focus on improving your skills and achieving your fitness goals.

Here’s a friendly guide to some of the best places to buy boxing equipment in Singapore.

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Where to buy Boxing & Muay Thai Equipment in Singapore

1. Decathlon Singapore

Decathlon is a go-to for many sports enthusiasts thanks to its wide range of affordable, high-quality sports equipment. Their boxing section includes gloves, wraps, punching bags, and protective gear. Suitable for all skill levels and budgets, Decathlon is a great option for beginners especially.

Address: Various locations, including Orchard (176 Orchard Road, #01-14/15/16/17, #02-07, & #02-11, The CentrePoint, 238843) and Kallang (230 Stadium Blvd,  397799)

Website: Decathlon Singapore

2. Royal Sporting House

Royal Sporting House offers a great selection of sports equipment, including boxing gear from trusted brands like Everlast, Adidas, and Lonsdale. Some locations may carry a limited range of products.

Address: Various locations, including Takashimaya Shopping Centre (391 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238872)
Website: Royal Sporting House

3. HIT Fitness Warehouse

HIT Fitness Warehouse is a specialist in combat sports equipment, providing a range of premium boxing gear. They stock premium brands like Cleto Reyes, Winning, and Fairtex. If you’re looking for high-quality equipment and are willing to pay a bit more, this is the place to go.

Address: 45 East Coast Road, Singapore 428765
Website: HIT Fitness Warehouse

4. SPORTS 360

SPORTS 360 is another great spot to find quality boxing gear. They offer gloves, wraps, punching bags, and more from brands like Everlast and Title. Centrallly located, SPORTS 360 is easily accessible.

Address: The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, #01-15, Singapore 229233
Website: SPORTS 360

5. MMA In Style

MMA In Style specializes in MMA gear, providing a wide array of products from gloves to protective equipment. Their selection suits both beginners and seasoned athletes, making it a dependable choice for quality combat sports gear.

    • Address: Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, #06-17, Singapore 238896
    • Instagram page

6. Red Dot Martial Arts

Red Dot Martial Arts is dedicated to combat sports and martial arts equipment. They offer a good variety of boxing gear, including gloves, wraps, and protective gear. It’s also a good place to ask for advice.

Address: 37 Jalan Pemimpin, #03-10, Mapex Building, Singapore 577177
Website: Red Dot Martial Arts

7. Liang Seng Sports

Liang Seng Sports offers a diverse range of sports equipment, and focuses on providing excellent customer service and knowledgeable staff.

Address: 18 Tai Seng Street, #B1-16, Singapore 539775
Website: Liang Seng Sports

8. Knockout Gear

Knockout Gear is known for its quality boxing and MMA gear. They offer a wide selection of gloves, wraps, and other equipment essential for combat sports training. The store’s focus on quality ensures that athletes get the best gear for their needs.

Address: 31 Haji Lane, Singapore 189224
Website:  Knockout Gear

9. The Ring Boxing Gym

Last but definitely not least, you can get your boxing gloves and wraps directly from us at The Ring Boxing Gym. We offer high-quality gear to ensure you get the most out of your training sessions. Plus, you can try out the equipment and get personalized advice from our experienced staff.

Address: 1 Claymore Drive, Singapore 229594 #01-01A
Website: The Ring Boxing Gym Orchard


where to buy boxing gear singapore

The Professional Advice: Why shouldn’t you order your boxing equipment online (on platforms like Lazada and Amazon)?

While online platforms like Lazada and Amazon offer convenience and a wide range of options, ordering boxing equipment from these sites has several drawbacks:

  1. Authenticity & quality concerns: It’s challenging to verify the authenticity of products online. Even when ordering products from reknown brands, there is a risk of receiving counterfeit or substandard gear that doesn’t meet safety standards, which can lead to injuries.
  2. Sizing issues: Boxing equipment, especially gloves, requires a precise fit for comfort and protection. Without trying them on, you might end up with gear that doesn’t fit properly, affecting your performance and safety.
  3. Lack of expert advice: When buying in-store, you can get advice from knowledgeable staff who can help you choose the right equipment based on your needs and skill level. This personalized guidance is missing when shopping online – if you know exactly what you are looking for, it is not as much of an issue. If you are just starting though – better ask for help!
  4. Return and exchange hassles: Returning or exchanging online purchases can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Most, if not all, stores mentioned above offer smoother and quicker resolution for any issues with the gear.
  5. Ready to go! Buying in-store allows you to take the equipment home or to the gym and start using it immediately – no need to wait for delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boxing and Muay Thai Gear

What equipment do I need to start boxing?

To start boxing, you will need:

  • Boxing gloves
  • Hand wraps

Note: at The Ring, we provide gloves FOC and wraps can be rented at a fee. You are always welcome to bring your own gear.

Other items that you will need later in your boxing journey:

  • Mouthguard
  • Headgear (for sparring)
  • Punching bag (for home training)
  • Boxing shoes (for better footwork and support)

How do I choose the right boxing gloves?

When choosing boxing gloves, consider:

  • Weight: Heavier gloves (14-16 oz) for training, lighter gloves (10-12 oz) for competition.
  • Fit: Gloves should fit snugly without being too tight.
  • Padding: Ensure good padding to protect your hands.
  • Material: Leather gloves are more durable, while synthetic ones are more affordable.

How do I clean and maintain my boxing gloves?

To keep your gloves in good condition:

  • Wipe them down with a clean, damp cloth after each use.
  • Use glove deodorizers or stuff them with newspaper to absorb moisture.
  • Allow them to air dry completely; avoid direct sunlight.
  • Occasionally, use a gentle anti-bacterial spray inside the gloves.

How often should I replace my boxing gloves?

It depends on usage, but typically, you should replace your gloves every 1-2 years if you train regularly. Signs that you need new gloves include diminished padding, bad odor, and visible wear and tear.

Why are hand wraps important in boxing?

Hand wraps provide additional support and protection for your hands and wrists. They help prevent injuries by stabilizing the joints and cushioning the impact of punches.

I want a punching bag to train at home. What should I look for in a punching bag?

When choosing a punching bag, consider:

  • Type: Heavy bags for power training, speed bags for speed and coordination, and free-standing bags for versatility.
  • Weight: Heavier bags (70-150 lbs) for power and endurance training.
  • Material: Leather or synthetic leather for durability.
  • Size: Ensure it’s appropriate for your space and training needs.

Can I use regular athletic wear for boxing?

While you can use regular athletic wear, it’s better to wear clothes designed for boxing, such as moisture-wicking shorts and tops that allow for maximum movement and comfort.

Do I need headgear for sparring?

Yes, headgear is essential for sparring as it protects against cuts, bruises, and head injuries. Always use headgear that fits well and provides adequate padding.

Is Muay Thai equipment different from boxing equipment?

Yes, Muay Thai equipment often includes shin guards, elbow pads, and different glove styles that allow for clinching. However, basic gear like gloves and wraps can be similar for both sports.

Are there specific shoes for boxing?

Yes, boxing shoes are designed to provide better ankle support, grip, and mobility. They are lighter than regular athletic shoes and help improve your footwork.

Resilience During Challenging Times

How We Can Draw on Mandela for Inspiration during Challenging Times

The Circuit Breaker has meant a huge shift to our normal training sessions. Without our gyms, fitness studios, and limited time to spend outside, we are now figuring out how to stay healthy and keep fit from the comfort of our home. Trying to get an effective full-body workout beyond our usual gyms can be tricky, both in terms of a lack of gym equipment we are used to and a decline in motivation when we’re no longer training with coaches, having a familiar atmosphere and faces around us. 

However, without exercise and a routine, our minds might be less able to face the challenging times we are currently confronted with. Exercise is more crucial than ever in helping us to build mental resilience.  

If you already had a fitness routine before the Circuit Breaker, adjusting to the transition is not as difficult as you might think. And, if you are looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle during your time at home, there is no better time to begin.

Nelson Mandela: A Boxer

This week, we look to Nelson Mandela for inspiration and motivation. Did you know that during his incarceration on Robben Island he looked towards exercise to help him through the time? 

Mandela had started boxing whilst he was a student at Fort Hare University and he carried on his boxing training and routine, which had previously taken place in a Soweto boxing gym, every week Monday to Thursday whilst still in prison. 

He attempted to follow his boxing routine starting with running on the spot for 45 minutes, 100 Fingertip Push-Ups, 200 Sit-ups and other calisthenic exercises.

In fact, Mandela believed that exercise was fundamental to both his physical and mental health – “Exercise dissipates tension, and tension is the enemy of serenity. I found that I worked better and thought more clearly when I was in good physical condition, and so training became one of the inflexible disciplines of my life.”

Building Resilience

The news of the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent directives from the government have left many of us experiencing negative emotions. As for Mandela, exercise could be the key to helping us face these difficult times. Research has demonstrated that exercise and good nutrition are both directly linked to our emotional well-being.

It provides us with an outlet for the anxiety and worries we are all confronted with at the moment. We must learn to adapt and be resilient during these challenging times. For those of us who are living in a confined space, it is time to get creative with our workouts. If you are limited to a confined space, no-equipment exercise routines are a great place to start.

Staying Motivated

Don’t let a change in your usual routine leave you feeling unmotivated. Use this time to build a new routine. Our advice is to schedule in your home workout session as if it is a work call or appointment. Your new routine will provide you with the mental strength you need to get through this!

Finally, remember that nothing lasts forever, this too shall pass! Let’s all take inspiration from Mandela as we go forward into this new month and week.

What to Expect When Going To Your 1st Boxing Trial Class in Singapore

Are you looking to learn boxing in Singapore? You are well on your way to learn a valuable skill while getting yourself into great shape. For many who work in the hustle-bustle of the city, fitness classes before or after work are a great outlet to let off steam. If you fall into this demographic, you may be interested to know that The Ring Boxing Community offers trial boxing classes right in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD) as well as at their flagship over at Robertson Quay. If you have signed up for your first boxing trial class in Singapore and feel apprehensive, fear not! Here’s our guide to ease you through it.

Great Benefits of Boxing Classes

Even if you have no intention of entering the ring competitively, boxing classes can be a great way to lose weight, burn calories, tone your muscles and, most possibly for the busy crowd, let off steam and stresses from your hectic work life. Boxers are known to be some of the fittest athletes on the planet, as their training regime often pays attention to full-body conditioning. This is why boxing is a fantastic sport if you want a total workout.

If you have never attended a boxing class in Singapore before, it is understandable to be nervous. Get over the first hurdle, and we promise that you will enjoy it! To help you ease your nerves, let’s look at what you can expect on your first class.

What is Involved in a Boxing Class?

One common misconception many have is that boxing is a sport that only engages in your upper body. In truth, boxing is a full-body workout that utilises almost every muscle group. While the structure of boxing classes differs, you can expect a combination of high-intensity interval training exercises combined with boxing movements like uppercuts, hooks or jabs. It is not always about the punches, as you might be expected to undergo stamina training and even footwork drills.

As first-timer, you will definitely not be expected to spar with anyone, however, some classes incorporate simple partner practices during their training sessions. The coaches should guide you along, so you do not have to be intimidated.

First-timers at The Ring can expect to learn more about the fundamentals of boxing, with our coaches focusing on the basics of the sport.

What is the Duration, Size and Format of Boxing Classes?

The length of the classes varies from studio to studio, and can be from anything between 30 to 75 minutes. The format can also differ, with some studios focusing on HIIT with floor exercises such as mountain climbers, lunges and burpees, followed by rounds on the bags, while others focus solely on boxing training.

At The Ring, we strive to provide the authentic boxing experience, which is why our classes often focus more on techniques and the basics of boxing, as compared to simply using boxing moves as a form of workout. Expect to improve your coordination, speed, accuracy and power through our classes.

Again, when it comes to the size of classes, it can vary across studios, but you can expect anything between 10 to 30 participants per class.

What Should You Wear and Bring to Your Boxing Trial Class in Singapore?

Most studios and gyms will provide boxing wraps and gloves for first-timers, so you do not have to worry about getting the equipment. However, you should always check with the studio beforehand, as some might require you to purchase your own hand wraps. As with any workout, dress in comfortable athletic attire, along with some high-quality trainers. These are essential if you want to avoid any injuries. You might also want to consider bringing along your own towel and a bottle of water to keep you hydrated throughout your session.

At The Ring’s Cecil Street Outlet, we provide your boxing shirt and shorts, as well as a gym towel, so you do not have to pack your workout clothes to the office. We also have spacious shower facilities for you to transition seamlessly from the gym to your workplace.

Tips for that First Visit

For your first boxing trial class in Singapore, it might be a good idea to arrive as early as you can to familiarise yourself with the place as well as complete any paperwork required. Some places expect their members to arrive 20 minutes before the start of class, so that the coaches can get to know you and help assist you with any questions you might have. You can also take the opportunity to learn how to properly wrap your hands.

Do not stress yourself out during your first session by trying to perfect the different boxing movements. Just enjoy the workout and have fun! Follow the instructions and steps from the coaches, and we promise that you will have a smashing great workout at the end of it!

While it is human nature to feel apprehensive about your first trial class, remind yourself that there are others in the same shoes as you. Do not be afraid to be judged, because everyone starts from somewhere. Be proud that you decided to take the first step into the ring.

So, there really is nothing to worry about.

The Ring is all about creating a community for like-minded individuals with a common goal to work out and feel comfortable! Our classes are designed for all levels, aimed at teaching the foundation and technical skills of the noble art of boxing. Become part of our fantastic community and sign up for a free trial to experience the difference now!

Find Boxing Classes for Ladies in Singapore, Boxing Classes for Teens and much more at The Ring: Your Boxing Club in Singapore!

The Ring Fight Team: What Makes a Champion

As the saying goes, behind every success is a great team. The accomplishments of the champions we see in and out of the ring is a result of many individuals coming together for a common goal. Despite only turning 3 this year, the achievements of The Ring’s fight team have been nothing short of spectacular, and we find out more from some of them about what it takes to be a champion.

Coach Nasser with WBC World Youth Champion and Monaco athlete of the year Ali Chebah in 2009.


2018 and 2019 were milestones in the boxing careers of many from The Ring’s professional fight team, with Hamzah Farouk and Abdelelah Karroum bagging prominent titles. Their achievements are not only a culmination of their hard work, determination and grit, but also from their partnership and guidance from Coach Nasser Yefsah a.k.a “Chef”. The French national travels down to Singapore to train the team before their crucial fights, and is a veteran when it comes to boxing coaching. His career began when he coached the Algerian National Boxing team for the Sydney Olympic Games in 2002. Among them, Allalou Mohamed won the silver medal in the Super-Lightweight Category. Coach Nasser also worked with Professional boxer Ali Chebah, who managed to clinch the World Boxing Council World Youth Superlight Title.

“Combining my expertise from my past experiences, I hope to bring the team to greater heights! In preparation for the recent TRFC7, the team worked hard to strategise and execute our fight plan. It has been an exciting journey working with the Golden Glove Asia Promotions boxers,” comments Nasser.

A great coach is more than just a mentor, he should be one that inspires others with his passion, and we look forward to our team excelling and moving on to the international level in the coming years!

No dream too big to be achieved

It was always Hamzah Farouk’s dream to become a boxing champion. With his recent win at TRFC7, the thirty-one year old has added a second belt to his name, becoming the Oriental Pacific Boxing Federation Silver Champion of his weight class. The road to becoming a champion was not always smooth sailing, and while Hamzah was no stranger to fighting in the ring as an amateur, it took him a great amount of courage to step out of his corporate career to start boxing professionally.

Hamzah shares, “Self-discipline is everything. If you can conquer your physical and mental being, you can conquer anything in the world”.

Dare to take risks

Coming to a foreign country in pursuit of achieving your dream sounds like a crazy idea, but it was exactly the route Abdelelah Karroum chose to take, and it certainly paid off. The French native stepped into the sunny shores of Singapore for the first time in 2017, and has since gone on to succeed in the squared circle. A former member of the Monaco Amateur Boxing team, Abdelelah, better known as Abdou, went on to make his professional boxing debut at TRFC. He has since extended his professional fight record to an impressive 7 wins!

Abdou sticks to his mantra closely, believing that “If you want something badly enough, you will be willing to fight for it”.

The Ring Team, together with WBC Champions Hamzah Farouk and Abdelelah Karroum, who trained with Coach Nasser.

What makes a champion?

Below are some of the essential qualities shared by The Ring’s fight team on what makes a champion:

  • WILLPOWER to push through difficulties

  • The acknowledgement of the effort needed to ACHIEVE

  • The constant questioning and improving; “The detail makes the difference”

  • Lastly, a solid foundation which includes optimal body strength, physical and mental resistance.

Important to stay true to values

For those training hard and aiming at becoming future champions, it is important to always stay true to your values and never forget your humble beginnings. Be confident in your craft, and your hard work will be rewarded. Also, always show respect, to yourself, and also your opponent in the ring.

Courage and Passion: The Driving Forces of The Ring Boxing Community

Who are the driving forces behind the Ring?

We sat down with two of The Ring’s co-founders , Ruchdi Hajjar and Gilles Landais to hear their story and share their life around boxing and The Ring.

Ruchdi Hajjar and Gilles Landais, both from Monaco, founded The Ring together in 2016. Having a shared passion in the sports of speed, they also founded Monaco GT in 2006, a racing event company that offered karting, Formula One experience and racing career management. Friends in life and a strong passion for boxing, they also share two important values: Courage and Passion.

In 2006 at one of the Monaco GT events.


Gilles: I started boxing at the age of 13. After a few boxing classes, I fell in love with the sport, and to this date, I have never stopped boxing. Boxing really changed my life because I used to be angry and tempered, but a sport like boxing brought me peace. A few years later I met Ruchdi, and we instantly clicked!

Ruchdi: I started boxing at the age of 15 because I needed an activity to channel the excess energy I had. This energy did not always translate in positive ways, and so my Father pushed me to practice a martial art in the hopes that it could instill more discipline and self-control in me. He actually directed me to Karate, but on my way to the Dojo, I heard a ringing bell, opened the door of a boxing gym, and the rest is history.

From the day I entered my first boxing gym, the sport has accompanied me to face some of the most challenging moments of my life. Another key moment was when I met Gilles, who was the local boxing champion in Monaco. With our shared passion for the sport, a very strong bond emerged and we became friends for life. In 2016, we opened The Ring at Kim Yam Road, together with our business partners Alain and Oliviero. We also recently opened the doors of The Ring’s second home at Cecil Street.


Definitely Tenacity and Humility. I find that the most difficult thing to do when you discover or start believing in certain values, is to maintain them under all circumstances. Just like when you are inside the ring, life presents you with a lot of constraints and challenges to overcome, and the first opponent you face is yourself. Boxing has helped me endure tough trainings, saw me through difficult technical applications, accepting oppositions and also provided me with the willpower to stand up and start again if things go wry, no matter the circumstance.


Gilles: The biggest challenge was to start from scratch as we both had no experience in gym management. All we had was our passion for boxing. Together with Ruchdi, we believed in our dreams and worked hard from there. We worked so hard to push The Ring in the direction that was exactly like what we dreamt of. It was a difficult journey with many challenges and we never stopped [and still hustling]. With the newly opened outlet at Cecil Street, The Ring has grown!

Ruchdi: The challenges started the very first day we decided to start The Ring. Like what Gilles shared, we did not have a clear business model in mind, but we knew we did not want to just copy an existing competitor. No matter what, we wanted to offer the “authentic” experience. The most challenging part was to actually persuade people about our vision and mission. All of this would not have been possible without the courage of my partners and team, and the passion we have for the sport has enabled us to weather against the odds and the ropes.

Gilles and Ruchdi at The Ring Kim Yam Road


Ruchdi: I would encourage anyone who has an entrepreneurial dream to wake up and realise it. The first step is not the hardest, because every step along the journey is a challenge on its own, but if you strive to realise your mission and stay true to your values, your vision becomes contagious and people can recognise your efforts. There is no better sense of achievement than that.

Gilles: For me, it is simple. Just live your dreams with passion, and push ahead with your conviction!

Finally, once you start as an entrepreneur, you rarely stop at one project. The organic growth and ecosystem that you continuously build will lead to many other opportunities. For us, we have now opened our second gym in the heart of the Central Business District. All along, it would not have been possible without the support and trust of Gilles, our partners, our team and of course, our Community. People are the most key asset that you have to realise.


  • Gilles was the first man to land a body liver shot to Ruchdi in their early ages, in order to counter Ruchdi’s stinging jabs.

  • Gilles and Ruchdi made a promise to each other to one day sit by the ringside in Las Vegas to watch and support one or more of their fighters in the ring.

  • Ruchdi was Gilles’ boxing coach for his last 2 fights before retiring…but not the reason 😉

Boxing For Your Body, Mind & Soul

Boxing is not a gruesome fight sport. It has evolved over the years to become a preferred workout option for many! It is a wholesome workout that is fantastic for your physical and mental wellbeing. Read more to find out why boxing, or fitness in general, is great for your body, mind and soul.


Singapore has seen a fitness boom in the recent years, with many people becoming increasingly health conscious. With fitness studios popping up at every corner, you’re spoilt for choice with the different fitness offerings.

Boxing has progressively become a popular option for working out, and there are many great reasons why. Boxing is a workout that uses every part of your body, from your arms, to your core and even your legs. You not only strengthen and build muscles, but it is also great for toning. All in all, it is a sport that provides one of the most effective full-body workouts, including improving cardiovascular strength and agility.


Constantly find yourself feeling stressed at work or personal life? Boxing provides a healthy outlet for stress relief. It is a time where you can set aside all your problems and focus entirely on the exercise routine.

Boxing also releases endorphins, your body’s own “happy” drug. They are chemicals produced naturally that help to relieve stress or pain, as well as boost happiness! Waking up early and attending a morning boxing class can actually give you the extra energy to power through the day. There have also been many studies showing how a sport like boxing can be an ideal form of exercise as it lowers levels of stress, anxiety and depression through the rush of endorphins experienced after each session.

In addition, boxing allows you to gain tremendous mental strength as you are forced to be present in the moment. It is as much a mental sport as it is a physical one, with you learning to anticipate the moves of your opponent, testing your concentration and reaction speed. These values can also have a positive influence on your life outside the gym, which is why boxing is great for a better mind.


Working out is sometimes great for self-discovery. Many people learn qualities about themselves they never knew before through fitness. Learning a martial art is also a form of self-defence, great for empowering those who are looking at protecting themselves and mastering a new sport. When you work out, you are more likely to feel better and look better, which is why fitness is also a great confidence booster.

When you enter The Ring, you’re not just joining another gym, but you’re embarking on a fitness journey with like-minded individuals working towards the same goals. Boxing is a great sport to forge new friendships, be it during sparring sessions or partner drills in class, you’re always interacting and motivating each other. There is also an immense sense of achievement you get after powering through each gruelling session.

Whether you’re looking at improving your mental or physical health, the benefits of boxing is boundless.

Join The Ring and experience the change now! Book a FREE TRIAL with us.

Why Women Should Take Up Boxing

Boxing has always been thought of as more of a mens’ sport – women have always been in the background. It’s time to change that today. Boxing can benefit women in so many different ways – not only your body benefits from this high-intensity exercise, but your mental wellbeing as well. Ladies, here are some reasons why you should pick up your boxing gloves today!


You are responsible for yourself in the ring – just you, yourself, and your boxing gloves. The punches and hits are yours to bear – no one else’s. Boxing will train your reflexes and response time – you’ll be more alert of everything around you. Through boxing, you’ll develop a sense of self-care that’s unparalleled to any other activity or sport. You’ll look out for yourself more, and in essence, care for yourself more than ever.


Boxing gives you an entire body workout. It works out your arms, shoulders, chest, abdominals, back, and legs – all in just one session. Besides, boxing is definitely far more fun and exhilarating as compared to just lifting weights at the gym or going for a run. You’ll get your fun with exciting boxing combinations whilst getting your workout in – it’s a win-win situation for you ladies.


Ladies, we hear you – we all know you want that lean and curvy body you see in the magazines. Well, boxing can do just that for you, and more. Boxing is a great high-intensity sport that burns loads of calories and fat so you can slim down fast and get that body you’ve always been talking about. Plus, boxing can help you with toning so you can get a slim and toned body in no time.


Besides giving you that summer body you’ve always wanted, boxing can train your mind too. With every punch you throw, you can relieve all that stress from your life – be it from work, school, relationships, or any other problems you face. You’ll be able to walk out of class with a clearer mind. You’ll be able to focus on what truly matters, and prioritise your tasks. Whoever said boxing was just about working out physically? It relieves any pent-up stress to benefit your mind too.


Come on, we have to admit it – girls who can box are totally awesome! You’ll be the talk of the town. Ladies, empower yourself with the art of boxing. Through boxing, you’ll feel more capable than ever. You will be able to show off some of your cool punches, jabs, and boxing combinations to score you some brownie points on the cool meter. Boxing turns you into a super confident lady, and confidence is definitely the new sexy.

Always wanted to take up boxing? Stop hesitating – pick your gloves up today and join our classes at The Ring that are open to all levels. Ladies, good news for you. We do have a ladies-only Femme Fatale class as well. See you at The Ring!

Find Boxing Classes for Ladies Singapore at The Ring today: Your Boxing Gym in Singapore!

Debunking Some Of The Most Common Myths About Boxing

If you have been thinking about switching up your exercise routine, why not try boxing? Before you begin your journey, it is important to correct some of the common misconceptions about the sport.


Friendly Fight Friday at The Ring

The stigma attached to boxing being a violent and aggressive sport may be common, but there is definitely more that exists in the sweet science of boxing. It is not all about inflicting the most damage to your opponent, but also a lot about discipline, strategy and technique. As with every contact sport, boxing has its risks, but practiced under a safe and professional environment, the likelihood of injuries in boxing classes is ultimately equal to any other sport – including pilates or yoga! Boxing classes at The Ring are not designed to promote violence, but rather to prove how a contact sport like boxing can be a fantastic alternative to keep fit and stay active. And even though many of our coaches have professional fights to their name, they don’t bite. As part of our efforts in building boxing as a community sport, we constantly organise events such as Friendly Fight Fridays and weekly sparring sessions to prove that boxing is for everyone.


Femme Fatale Classes at The Ring

It is almost impossible to ignore the growing popularity of combat sports in the recent years. With the influence of social media, the association that boxing is a male dominated sport has dwindled over time thanks to female celebrities and influencers constantly sharing about how combat sports like boxing has been beneficial to their overall fitness regime. It is not just about power or strength; boxing classes are fun and stimulating for your physical and mental health. The Ring has Femme Fatale classes catered specifically for women, so if you ever feel intimidated or apprehensive to try out boxing, those classes are a great starting point to your journey in boxing.


The Ring’s coach, Hamzah

Whether you are having a friendly sparring session or just participating in partner drills in class, do not feel intimated if your partner is larger in size than you. Boxing is not a bulking sport, but relies on the ability to effectively channel your strength to maximise your power. Having a muscular physique might be important in sports like weightlifting, but most professional fighters in boxing are lean. Do not be deceived by their size, because their punches pack power! Take The Ring’s coach Hamzah for example. The toned and charismatic boxer has mastered the art of inflicting maximum damage with his punches. Did you know that having an overly muscular physique is not beneficial for combat sports like boxing because they can actually slow down your movements? So the next time you train, do not focus on size, but rather the technique.


Boxing as a Full Body Workout

Having muscular arms is not the most important when it comes to boxing, but rather, it is more important to have the ability to transfer the maximum power from your core and legs into your punches. During boxing classes, you are not only expected to practice your punches. There is a lot of focus on your core, shoulders and legs working together to deliver the hardest hit. Foot work, core conditioning and strength training are designed to develop cardiovascular strength, so be rest assured that you are gaining a full body workout during each boxing session.


Find Boxing Classes in Singapore at your Boxing Gym in Singapore: The Ring!


Box Your Way To A Healthier Mind

Many studies have shown that frequent exercise can lead to improvements in your mental wellbeing – from lowering your anxiety to boosting your self-esteem. A quick 20 to 40 minutes of aerobic workout can easily enhance your mood for several hours. Boxing is not only a great sport that engages your full body – It is also a great mental booster. Find out more about the mental benefits of boxing.

If you’re one that struggles to find the motivation to head to the gym, boxing classes are a great alternative for the busy individual.  Often lasting between forty-five minutes to an hour, boxing classes encourage you to fully concentrate your mind and energy during its duration. Compared to working out alone, classes are definitely more inclusive and provide a fun environment to interact and socialize. Research also shows that group workouts offer greater benefits for mental health because they stimulate social interaction and motivation. On days when you desperately need an extra boost, working out in a group forces you to be present in the moment, especially during partner-based drills. It also encourages you to establish greater awareness and connection with your physical body.

Morning workouts are generally beneficial for your mental wellbeing because they increase your productivity and energy levels throughout the day. Instead of feeling lethargic after working out, many individuals experience lesser stress and higher motivation. Exercising also produces endorphins, which are said to alleviate depression and reduce stress and anxiety. Kick starting the day with a workout will increase your mental focus, resilience and determination.

Boxing is also a fantastic outlet for releasing pent up emotions! Punching your stresses on the bag allows for a healthy way to release aggression, letting you work through your negative feelings. Rather than suppressing your emotions, exercising is a great way to let off some steam, improving your overall mental well-being.

Boxing coach Syakir says,

“Boxing for me is a form of meditation. Boxing is somewhat a very personal sport that when done in a big group can be a great form of support. Your individual mental battles are equally as important as your physical battles in the ring. Boxing can help break down those mental walls and help you achieve a much better mental state after a session.”

Picking up a new skill is always great, and a sport like boxing can be a great confidence booster for those who find hitting the gym daunting. Here at The Ring, our personalized classes provide a safe and fun environment for you to improve and hone your skills. You will have the opportunity to be exposed to the different techniques and forms of boxing by our qualified coaches, and interact and socialize with others, improving your confidence! Start off 2019 with a promise to be a better you!

Preparing For A Boxing Match

The thrill and excitement is undeniable whenever one watches a boxing match but the preparation before the fight is equally thrilling, exciting and even challenging for any boxer.



A typical training camp before a professional boxing match varies between 6 to 8 weeks. During these crucial weeks, the fighter undergoes a series of intense training, preparing his body for the upcoming fight. The main difference between a professional and amateur fighter is the time they have to prepare. Professional fighters are usually notified about their fights weeks in advance, and have plenty of time leading up to their fight. Amateur fighters however, mostly fight within short notice, so their preparation time varies between a week to about 4 weeks. Acording to the  United States Olympic Committee, the high demands in speed, endurance and durability easily makes boxing the most difficult out of 60 other sports. It is important to remember that boxing is a high-risk combat sport, regardless whether you’re a professional or amateur boxer, the steps taken to prepare for a fight are equally crucial.


Pre-fight training typically includes the usual – skipping, running, working with weights, shadow boxing and pad work. Coaches would create a routine that develops and prepares a boxer for their fight. Sparring sessions, where boxers spar with training partners to condition their body, are also common during training camps. Professional boxer and The Ring’s coach Hamzah Farouk says that “One tip is to film yourself when you are sparring, that way, you can replay the footage over and over again to analyze your flaws.” Repeat your training and always practice both the defence and attack. The more you prepare, the more fluid your punches would


Part of the journey to becoming a fighter is planning a healthy diet and nutrition. Coach Abdelelah Karroum or “Abdou” of The Ring says, “It is especially important not to give in to your cravings during the weeks leading up to the fight because on top of training, you have to watch your weight”. If a fighter does not plan his diet properly, he might risk not being able to make weight during his weigh-ins. Also, extreme weight cuts can be detrimental to the body – the sudden loss of water and vital nutrients could cause your organs to shut down. Hence, most fighters work with their coaches to develop a realistic diet plan, which they must strictly adhere to. Protein shakes, or protein water are great meal replacements that can provide the same energy and nutrients your body needs during training cam!


While it is important to focus on your physique during training camp, it is also crucial that you rehearse your game plan mentally. Professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter Kirstie Gannaway of Golden Glove Asia Promotions emphasizes the importance of having a focused mentality prior to the fight. “Many people fail to realise that fighting is not only a physical sport; it is also a mental game.” During the fight, analyzing your opponent and adjusting your strategy accordingly is also a key component in bagging the win.

Kirstie Gannaway of Golden Glove Asia Promotions at her training session.

Image Credit: https://www.instagram.com/kirstiegannaway/

What makes The Ring Boxing Community stand out is our consistent commitment to supporting the local boxing community. With our weekly sparring sessions, Friendly Fight Fridays, Amateur Fight Nights and The Ring Fighting Championship, we aim to provide a safe and holistic platform to promote the local boxing community in Singapore.

Our newly launched “School Of Boxing” programme, is a levelled coaching system, where members will eventually have the opportunity to join our fight team through a series of focused and specialized trainings. Find out more about our revised schedule at https://www.thering.sg/schedule/.

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